Jan 4, 2009

The Lin Family Mansion and Garden

The Lin Family Mansion and Garden in Banqiao is now the most complete private garden in Taiwan. In the old days, wealthy businessmen were very fond of using such magnificent and well-designed mansions and gardens to entertain their business partners. So they often spent a mount of money on building such beautiful mansions and gardens. However, most Chinese-style mansions and gardens vanished because of war and the pass of time. Luckily, the Lin Family Mansion and Garden in Banqiao has been reconstructed and maintained by specialists. Now parts of the mansion and garden have restored as original. The Lin Family Mansion and Garden in Banqiao can be considered as a historical treasure left by ancestors and also a place for people to truly understand the heritage and history of Taiwan.

Suggested Tour Guide:Main House→Square Pavillion→Jigu Study(Library)→Fang-Jian Study(For studying and enjoying the performance, made by the theaters)→Lai-Ching Hall(For seeing the view far away)→Rainbow-moon Arched Bridge→Shiang-Yu-Yi(For flower gazing)→Yue-Po-Shui-Hsueh (For moon gazing)→Dingjing Hall(For hosting the guests)→Banyan Shade Pond→Guanjia Hall(For viewing the scenery)

Jigu Study

The function of the Jigu Study is used to collect books and to study. From the exterior, the Jigu Study looks like a building with three sections and a pavilion. Jigu Study has doors in the front and the back to facilitate ventilation and passing.

The main structure of the Jigu Study was originally built with a plane roof and the roof was changed into the current arch style during the Japanese colonization period. Functioned as a library, the design of its windows is simple but graceful.

Lai-ching Hall

The Lai-ching Hall was used to entertain the honorable guests in the old times. Going up the Lai-ching Hall and looking far away, you can see the green scenery of the Mt. Datuen and Kuanyin. What comes to you is a vast expense of green scenery. That's why it is named “Lai-ching” in Chinese. It means the arrival of the green. It is the most luxurious building in the garden.

There are gardens on the two sides of the building, separated by the flower wall. On the wall, there are carved windows in graceful styles with profound meanings. In front of the building is a performing stage where the theater performers were invited to entertain the guests in the theater the old times.

Banyon Shade Pond

It is a huge pond surrounded by different shapes of the pavilions in triangle, square, diamond, octagon and circle. The pavilions are served as places for taking a rest and seeing distant views in the middle of the touring route along the pond in the garden and they are also spotlights for visiting.

The vivid atmosphere of the Banyan Shade Pond mainly comes from the banyan. Its big shadow, open space, and pond at a large size create a pleasant air in this place. Such design makes the garden more comfortable and abundant in local color atmosphere inside.

There are more fascinating scenic spots and historical buildings in The Lin Family Mansion and Garden worth a visit by yourself.
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  1. the photographs really touch my heart. they re so elegant and beautiful..good the garden is preserved.

    from CZ

  2. Is there cable, wifi and air conditioning? I Like

  3. I visited in October 2013. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, and hope to visit again in 2014 during my next hoilday in Taiwan. John from England, UK.