Jan 7, 2009

The 228 Peace Memorial Park

From the department of Civic Education and Leadership 101--Jessie Class-B 圖片跑不出,重新發佈文章

Take a break in 228 Peace Memorial Park

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle in city? However, you always say that you don’t have any free time to relax yourself. You think you are too busy to spare time for outdoor activities. Even you might complain that it takes much time to arrive the destination. Then I strongly suggest you to visit 228 Peace Memorial Park, which is easy to go and full of harmonious scenes, such as children running around, squirrels jumping up and down in the trees or families playing badminton. You will find it indeed a retreat in the busy Taipei city.


The 228 Peace Memorial Park is on No.3 KETAGALAN Boulevard Taipei, near by Zong Tong Fu, National Taiwan Hospital, and Taipei Railway Station. Its located right in downtown; therefore, almost every road leads to there. Its easy to go and visit.

What’s so special?

There are numerous valuable cultural relics, from under the rule of Chin Emperor to present days. You can appreciate all of these in one time. For instance, the National Taiwan Museum built by Japanese, the 1st steam locomotive Teng-Yung”, gifts from Manchukuo---two copper buffaloes in front of the National Taiwan Museum, and of course, the 228 Memorial Monument!

Why do I choose the spot?

1.Located in downtown, therefore, almost every road leads to there. Its easy to go and visit.

2.There are many valuable cultural relics. Such as governors from Chin Emperor, colony under Japanese, and the present government R.O.C. which once ruled or rules Taiwan left numerous famous period pieces. It can tell foreigners what country once ruled the island, which leads to cultural variety in the island. In addition, it can also narrate the history of Taiwan to them in a short time.

3.For my personal reason, the 228 Memorial Peace Park is brimful of my childhood memories. It is like a part of my home. On weekend, my parents always took my sisters and me to there to relax. Because the park is located in downtown, it’s easy for us to reach. Consequently, every time we are free, we choose to go there and take many pictures. Thus, my families have regarded the park as a part of our home since I was young. In addition, it has recorded my life in Taipei. If I have the chance to be a tour guide of Taipei, I’ll definitely opt for it.

The must-visiting spots

There are three spots visitors should take a look. The first place is National Taiwan Museum built by Japanese in 1908. It’s the first museum in Taiwan and even honored as "the place where modern knowledge started in Taiwan”. Before it became a museum, it used to be a temple of Mazu, a goodness protecting people sailing on sea. During the Japanese colonial period, the government devastated the temple despite protests from the residents, and then built the museum to commemorate two viceroys, Kodama Gentaro and Godo Shinhei. Thus, the museum is quite gorgeous in Baroque style. Moreover, there are two copper buffaloes beside the gate. Rumor has it that it was a gift from Manchukuo.

The second place is Taipei 228 Monument. The reason why the government constructed it was that the governmental officers wanted to soothe the family in the incident, and apologize to the community that they had overreacted to confiscate illegal cigarettes, which result in the tragedy of 228. The monument was built in 1997. There are many profound meanings in its outlook. For instance, the unit of the monument is cube, meaning the mistakes of 228 incident are caused by man----unnatural. The two palms on the monument suggest the deep agony from the family about the incident. The deafening waterfall inside symbolizes people of the incident warning posterities not to make the same mistakes again. The 228 incident is truly a sad story in this island. Also, if visitors want to know more about cause and effect of the incident, they can visit Taipei 228 Memorial Museum. There are many historical documents about the incident in it.

You would never visit 228 Peace Memorial Park without going to its playground, where I spent much time with my family and took the most pictures! On the way, there are plenty of trees on the sidewalk. Sometimes you will find squirrels jumping between trees and climb down wondering if you bring some special snacks for them. You will see how lovely they are! On holidays, the playground is full of children’s laughter. The slides and swings are the hottest entertainment facilities. Old as it looks, many children like it very much. When I was little, I liked the swing the most. Feeling the warm wind passing by my hair, and laughing joyfully, I felt my vexation going with the wind. Nowadays, every time I walk by the slides and the swings, I think of my lightheartedness in my childhood. Their cute and innocent actions really delight me, for the joy and smiles are contagious.

↑ The National Taiwan Museum ↑

↑ The 228 Memorial Monument ↑

↑ The Playground ↑

Besides the mentioned above, there are still many places you can visit, such as the open-air music hall, pavilion on a small lake, a temple of Groundskeeper God and so on. The 228 Peace Memorial Park is indeed a retreat in Taipei. I recommend you to take a one-day trip with your friends or your family! Enjoy not only the cultural relics, but also the delightful atmosphere which is rare in busy Taipei city!

How to get there?

1.By MRT: exit 1 or exit 4 of NTU Hospital Station

2. By Bus: (1) at MRT NTU Hospital Station (on Gong Yuan Rd.) 20, 236, 251, 644, 621, 670, 245, 263, 241, 243, 651, 706, 513, 640, 5, 835, 656, 657, 0 East

(2) at 228 Peace Park (On Heng Yuan Rd.) 15, 22, 18, 257, 276, 513, 640, 835, 220, 247, 287, Xinyi Main Line

Enjoy your trip in Taipei! ^___^

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