Jan 1, 2009

Lehua Night Market---Body and Soul Contentment

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Located in the most crowded city all over the world, Yonghe , Lehua night market provides both tourists and local inhabitants with daily necessities.
Every night, you can see vendors all gathering there and start selling their products. There are a lot of local cuisines: juicy fried chicken, spareribs stewed in herbal soup, oyster omelet, meatball, soy-sauce flavored delicacies, etc. Of course, Lehua Night Market also offers some exotic foods, including Japanese sushi, Turkish Doner Kebab, Thai green papaya salad, Korean seafood pajun, and many other kinds of foreign specialties. Among those mentioned above, I prefer juice fried chicken, for it has crispy skin and juice meat with crazy sweet smell. Once you bite, you can’t stop. Near the entrance of the night market, there is a famous chicken stand. There is always a long line in front of it. It is really yummy. What`s more, you can also shop for clothes, shoes, DVDs even bags at a low price. That is, it meets your requirements in many aspects.
When I was little, I once got lost in the night market. I just wandered around but did not know what to do. I didn`t feel panic. However, many shop keepers came and asked me. They gave me some sweets and tried to help me find my parents. In the end, they realized that I came to the night market by myself when I finally saw the familiar food stand and ordered some takeout. Well, I did get lost, but some stores can show me the way home.
There are many benefits to live near night market. For one thing, you will never need to think hard where to show your guests around. The night market is a good place to discover Taiwanese culture. For another, no matter how late you stay up, you can always get some yummy food to keep you awake.
Night market itself is a unique culture for Taiwanese, while Lehua night market is a famous tourist spot in Yonghe. It shows people’s night life. Take a walk here, and you might discover some wonderful stuff which you can buy only here. Next time when you visit Yonghe, don’t forget to enjoy yourself with food and cheap but good products in Lehua night market.

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