Jan 1, 2009

One of the Greatest Beef Noodles restaurants in Taiwan─Taida Beef Noodles

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One of the Greatest Beef Noodles restaurants in Taiwan─Taida Beef Noodles
(Address: No.54-6, Sec. 3, Sinsheng S. Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 106 Taiwan)

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§Where is it?

(↑A simple map from its name card)

The restaurant is located in Da-an District, Taipei City. It’s Near the Gongguan commerce district. The nearest landmark there is National Taiwan University Stadium. You can go there by MRT (get off at the Gongguan Station) or by bus (get off at Civil Service Development Institute Station). There is also a branch store of the restaurant at Guangfu N. Road.

§What is so special about it?
Taida Beef Noodles enrolled in Taipei Beef Noodles Festival (2006) and got an excellent appraisal of five stars.

Taida Beef Noodles is very different from those similar-property restaurants today in Taiwan. First of all, the owner of the Taida Beef Noodles only uses flesh of cattle instead of buffalo, so that beef becomes more succulent and sweeter and the soup stewed by cattle’s bones are tasty to eat. By the way, the soup offered here is stewed(清燉), not braised in soy sauce(紅燒). Secondly, there are a lot of palatable dishes(小菜) for customers to choose. There are also variable meals more than beef noodles for customer to order, like Zajian noodles(炸醬麵) and chicken legs noodles, just name a few. The owner of the restaurant is a generous, talkative and nice person. He always treats customers as his friends.

The first time I dines there was about three years ago, when my family and I were looking for a new restaurant to have dinner. Consequently, we became frequent costumers of there. The space of Taida Beef Noodles is not big, but the decoration there is very elegant and clean, just like a friend’s house. The foods there are also dainty. On weekends, you can see lines of visitors waited out restaurant for only one meal. That shows how popular and famous Taida Beef Noodles is.

Here are some dishes that I recommend that you have to order or you’ll regret:

(A)Beef Noodles (NT120)
It is the most famous meal, and also stands as the sign of the restaurant. The soup is not greasy. The beef tastes savory. The combination between the smell of soup and green onion creates a unique taste. By the way, you can ask for a larger amount of noodles, all sorts of noodles included, without paying extra money!

(B)Beef Noodles with Tendon (NT130)
This is my favorite dish. The beef shank is so chewy and delicious! It is more appropriate for elders to choose this meal instead of normal beef noodles because the beef with tendon are easier to chew.

(C)potato salad(涼拌洋芋絲)(NT30)
It’s a very special dish. I’ve never seen any restaurant deal with potatoes this way. Potatoes are cut into the shape like silk. It’s refreshing that you will want to eat it plate after plate!

(D)boiled cabbage(燙青菜)(NT30)
Though this dish looks usual, I still want to recommend it to all of you, for it tastes different from other restaurants’ boiled cabbage. I think it is because of its special sauce invented by the chef.

(E)soybeans salad(黃豆芽)(NT30)

It is my favorite side dish. The chef adds a lot of sesame oil and black pepper, which make this soybean salad taste spicy and tense. If you like strong-flavor food, this plain dish is a good choice for you.

§How does the restaurant relate to Taiwanese culture?

Beef noodles can count as an important and characteristic part in Taiwanese cooking culture. I think Taida Beef Noodle added so many innovations to traditional cultures and it also developed new kinds of beef noodles that are suitable for modern people.

§My evaluation

Taida Beef Noodles is a great restaurant in my own opinion. Each of the dishes has a fair price, but you can feel satisfied and enjoy dishes of such high quality without paying as much money as in luxurious restaurants. If you have time or want to try something different, why don’t you just come to Taida Beef Noodles and have a bowl of wonderful beef noodles? : )

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