Jan 1, 2009


Ha there! Are you trying to explore Taipei city? I bet you are. If not, I bet you will be willing to do so. Then, you must have already heard of Yangmingshan. But do you really know the most amazing places in Yangmingshan and what’s special about them? If not, just follow my steps right now.
There are six national parks in Taiwan, and Yangmingshan National Park is one of them. Yangmingshan is different from the others because of its volcano landforms. In addition, it also has a lot of historical spots. In Yangmingshan, you can explore our semitropical ecology, study our historical heritages, and experience the hospitality of local people.
Semitropical ecology is one of the reasons why the conditions of different areas in Yangmingshan and in Taiwan varied so much. These varieties show in three ways: forests, animals, and our foods. Speaking of forests, for monsoon in winter, activities of volcanoes, and the big range of the temper, you can see semitropical rain forest, broad-leaved forest, and grasslands at areas of different height in the same mountain. For example, you can observe bamboos and awns on the same hill. As about animals, insects of one altitude are different from those of another altitude. Finally, when speaking of foods in Yangmingshan, I bet you will be amazed by the delicacies of products from the mountains. The foods change from season to season. In conclusion, Yangmingshan is a place being endowed with adequacy of natural resources.
The second thing that you can’t miss is the chance of visiting our historical personages. The two most famous spots in Yangmingshan are Yangmingshuwu and the Lin Yutang House. Yangmingshuwu, which has been called Chunghsing Residence, is the summer resort of the late President Chiang Kai-shek and his wife. By visiting this excavation, you can experience the early history of Taiwan. The second important spot is the Lin Yutang House. Lin was a writer and the first person in Taiwan who was famous for his English publication. A Leaf in The Storm, You-Bu-Wei-Jhai, Between Tears and Laughter, and the Pleasure of a Nonconformist are some of his famous works. To sum up, Yangmingshan is a place that treasures a lot of human histories.
I think you will ask: where and which to visit first if I could only stay for one or two days? That is not a problem. You can just go to Rock Garden and you will feel contended with your trip.
The final thing you should experience is our hospitality. If you want to have a delighted evening, it is suggested that you go to the hydrophilic restaurant-Rock Garden. There are three reasons that I like Rock Garden: the surroundings, the fresh and cool drinks, and the managers’ hospitality. The first reason that I like Rock Garden is the comfortable atmosphere of its environment. The managers of Rock Garden are a couple that are fond of getting closer to nature and environment buildings. As a result, they decided to build their ideal restaurant in a small valley that has three streams flowing together. Visitors can experience the fine scenery with hills and waters at the same time. In addition, the host is good at and fond of interior design and landscape gardening. That’s the reason that it is called garden, and it is also the one that I bet you’ll like. The second reason I like Rock Garden is the drinks that the hostess makes. The fruit vinegar juice is my favorite, because I could taste the sweet smell of fruit and the sour of vinegar in one cup of drink. It’s a perfect combination. Furthermore, green tea with honey is also a great choice. The third reason that I like Rock Garden so much is because of the hospitality of the host and hostess. For instance, they can design special food lists for each party they hold. It makes people feel unique and well treated. All in all, I commend Rock Garden as the best choice for all the reason I mentioned.
Yangmingshan is a place that you can experience Taiwan’s semitropical ecology, historical heritages, and the hospitality of local people no matter in which season and which way. I ensure everyone can find some memories that you will want to treasure forever in this mountain. In brief, don’t miss any chances to visit Yangmingshan when you visit Taiwan.
Are you excited about Yangmingshan? The shortest answer is doing. Wish you have a good trip.
By Zoe Young(楊子萱)

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  1. Can I know the Rock Garden Restaurant is located where? Is it near to any hot spring?