Jan 7, 2009


Walking into the graceful garden, you will see a beautiful white house there. It is SPOT-Taipei Film House.
SPOT-Taipei Film House is formerly the residency of the U.S. Ambassador, now a convenient place for serving as the cultural creative industry. It was constructed in1925 and then selected to be a historic spot by Taipei government in 1997. Later,it became the window of cross-cultural exchange and creative industry in 2002.
In SPOT, there are several sections: Spot Cinema, which screens the fine-selected movies from all over the world, City Lights Eslite Bookstore, C25 Coffee Shop, the exhibition gallery, the multi-media conference room, and the Sixth Avenue - the finest winery lounge.
SPOT cinema has six showing of films daily,from 12 A.M. to 12 P.M. The films shown here are mainly fine films with creative approaches and culture diversity. The effort is to enhance the independent thinking towards a new viewing experience and vision. Also, these films are artistically distinguished from the main-stream Hollywood films.
City Lights Eslite Bookstore is a theme bookstore which focuses on the cinema and the city, creating a unique reading experience for the readers, different from any other bookstore they have been before. It serves as the gateway between the past and the future, or the East and the West.
C25 Coffee Shop is originally the reception room of the Embassy. It faces the graceful and lush garden and serves as the relaxing place for visitors. Now that it was changed into the Cafe shop, it provides not only mellow and aromatic coffee but also a space for deliberation, creation, and meditation.
The exhibition gallery and the multi-media conference room provide a space for artists to show their work to people. Spot would invite experts from different fields to hold activities with the public to stimulate the cultural communication, and explore different points of view in creative thinking process.
Every time I walk into Spot, I feel relaxed to sit in the C25 Coffee Shop. The movies in Spot make me want to understand different cultures and make me see the world in diverse ways. Spot not only provides a good place to relax but also a wonderful place to make the public to introduce art to the public from different perspectives. If you want to have fun there, you can take the MRT to get down in Chungshan station. Here is its map. Hope you enjoy your trip!

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