Jan 4, 2009

Fusing Township

Chinese departmant Marico.Liu 劉俐

Fusing township, which locates in the southeast of Taoyuan County, is one of the most beautiful mountain areas in Taiwan. One can feel a sense of being recharged after spending time amongst the rich wildlife plants. Because of the preservation by local government, we can say it is a paradise for people who live in Taoyuan.

Even the bus trip is already wonderful in itself. From level ground to the mountain area, you can easily tell the differences in temperatures and sceneries. As mists gradually fade off, the sun becomes warm and comfortable. If you were lucky enough , monkeys and squirrels may popped just in front of your eyes! A conversation with the local people is also warm, since they talk about their life in interesting accent and with enthusiasm.

Because of the immigrants from china, aboriginals in Taiwan were forced to move up to the mountain areas. In Fusing Township, most of the residents are Atayal, which is one tribe of aborigines in Taiwan. The most distinguished feature of them is the face tattoo, which signifies that they have already grown up and have the ability to be responsible for him or her self. The government also set up a historical and cultural center for people to have in-depth understanding about their way of life. Because most of the people there are so passionate and enthusiastic that visitors love to visit there again and again.

To have some souvenirs for friends, you should go to the Jaobasan (Mt. Jaoban) shopping district. In this shopping district you can see lots of unique hand-made stuff like clothes, bags, and their famous special products. One of the popular products in Fusing Township is the fleshy and juicy peaches. People say that once you have tasted the peach from Mt.Lala (one of the mountains in Fusing), you will never forget it!

After strolling there for a day, you can give the Fusing Youth Activity Center a try. It is a place which merges with the natural scene perfectly, and it is where people can really have a nice sleep. In the morning, the lovely birds’ songs will replace the noisy alarm clock and lightly wakes you up!

In my experience, I think it is a place suitable for good friends to spend about two days there. Only one thing need to remember: there’s no need to bring your camera, because I’m sure your first visit won’t be the last one!

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