Jan 4, 2009

Kaohsiung—─Love River

Paula Chen (國文系101級 陳彥蓉 497204287)

The name of Love River originates from the native people who lived near the river; they called it “Takao River” in their language. While the Japanese governed Taiwan, they changed the name into ”Kaohsiung River.” After a correspondent reported that a couple committed suicide at the “Love river”, the name ”Love River” had spread widely, and this story has being handed down by the elders. Love River has come to being since the Ming Dynasty and the square measure is about 150 square kilometer. It is a river that won’t be lack of water even during the dry season. Since the 1990s, the water quality has become better and better. There are also many species in the river.

There are many activities held at the Love River to celebrate the festivities. During the Dragon Boat Festival, you can row the dragon boat at Love River, and have a taste of rice dumpling. You can also join in the Lantern Festival. It is a festival for people having fun. On the night of the festival, people go on streets with a variety of lanterns under the full moon, play Chinese riddles and games, and lit up fireworks. It’s sparkling when you see the reflections of fireworks booming at Love River, and you’ll never forget about it!

Beside the bank of Love River, there’s the urban spotlight. You can have a rest here whenever you feel tired. The aroma of the fresh coffee always gives me a feeling of bliss. Sipping the coffee and listening to the musical performers, you can feel peaceful deep inside your heart, and enjoy the gentle touches of sunshine and the breeze.

You can also go bicycle-riding along Love River, there are special bike ways planned by the government. If you like to get close to the nature, you can just lie down on the grass and look at the blue sky or the shining stars. It’s a romantic place with a charming name, a place with great atmosphere, and a place to get together with friends.

Love River is not only a tourist attraction, but also a breath-taking site. The tranquility often makes people release from the stress, and outdoor activities add more spice and variety to our life.

You can take the red line MRT to central park station , walking along Wu-Fu 4th Road about 15 minutes , and then you will see Love River.

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