Jan 5, 2009

Taichung Park

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As we think about Taichung city, several things might come to your mind, such as feng- chia night market(逢甲夜市)、Taichung harbor(台中港)、tai-yang-bing(太陽餅),etc. But Among those famous specialties and places, Taichung Park is to me the most worthwhile place to be introduced to the visitors who are planning to take a trip to Taichung. The reason why I think it’s the most worthwhile place to visit is that Taichung Park includes many historical monuments which were built during the Japanese colonization and many modern facilities such as playground and tennis court for citizens to exercise and spend their leisure time. Most of all, hu-shin-ting(湖心亭) which located inside the Taichung park is the symbol of the Taichung city. For the intriguing things I introduce above, one’s trip to Taichung won’t be completed without visiting it!
First, I would like to introduce the history of the Taichung Park. About one hundred years ago, in considering of the governing, Liou Ming Chuan(劉銘傳)chose Taichung as the capital for its central location. It was called Taiwan sheng cheng (台灣省城).Until now there is still a remnant of the ancient city in the park.
After that, during the period of Japanese colonization, Japanese torn down the city built by Liou and rebuilt a well-organized one. That is the model of the modern Taichung city. During this period, Japanese also built a park in the northern part of the city in order to provide a place for the citizens to take a rest and go exercise. And the park is now the Taichung Park.
In October, 24, 1908, to celebrate the completed construction of the rail, Japanese government held a ceremony in the Taichung Park. And hu- shin ting (湖心亭)was built to provide a place for Japanese royalty and gusts to relax.
With red tiles and white walls, the tower-combined building looks extremely elegant with the surrounding lake and trees. From then on, hu- shin ting (湖心亭)not only became one of the most beautiful places in the Taichung city but also the symbol of Taichung.
Taichung Park is the treasure of every Taichung citizen, and it is also a shared memory of Taichung people . For over one hundred years, even after several restructuring and repair schemes, Taichung Park stands proudly and telling everyone the history of Taichung city.
Taichung Park is near the Taichung train station where once the most prosperous part of the city was. From Taichung train station, you can go there by taking a bus in about 10 minutes or by walk in 15~20 minutes. It is really convenient to go to Taichung Park, so don’t forget to go there when you have a trip to Taichung.

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