Jan 2, 2009

Juming Museum

公領101 497072153 李彥蓁 Jane

In the mountain near the northern coast in Chin-Shan, TaipeiCounty , there is a special museum which is totally integrated with the nature, JumingMuseum . The following statements will show you the characteristic and features of JumingMuseum .

Once you step in, you will have an all new feeling, because it doesn’t match the impression of a museum we have in mind. Instead, it’s just like a park. The fresh air in the mountain and the broad environment will absolutely help us release the stress we have. The founder of the museum, Ju Ming, is one of the greatest artists in Taiwan. He has learned the art of sculpture since he was a child. Therefore, he is good at sculpturing no matter what the material is. He devotes most of his time to the artist works. The famous works of Ju Ming are Living World series and Tachi series. The Tachi series focus on the firm structure of each sculpture, which contain the spirit of Chinese culture.

At Juming museum, there is no distance between people and the works. You can appreciate the work closely to interpret the idea that the artists want to convey. What’s more, you can also take photos with those works. It is a place for people to interact with artistic works.

In addition to some fixed exhibitions, there are also seasonal displays of other artists. Recently, there has been a new exhibition which is called “The Artistic Gallery”. It is a gallery about 200meters long, which provides spaces for art enthusiast to show their originalities. Every artist has to spend a lot of time fulfilling their works on the wall. Sometimes, they have to fight against the height and the weather. One of the artistic creations is the work of my English teacher in senior high school. The idea of her work is based on our dreams. Once in the class, she asked us to write down our dreams after entering university on a handout. To our surprise, she turned our dreams into a significant wall-painting this summer. The moment we got the news and saw that painting ourselves, we were all moved to tears. For us, it not only represents the wonderful memory that we all have, but encourages us to put our noses to the grindstone to make those dreams come true.

What’s more, Juming museum also provides some drawing spaces for children to enjoy the fun of art. They can draw on the windows with colorful chalks, or draw on the wall with water. Children can draw to their hearts’ content as if they are wonderful artists. There are also some art activities provided for children irregularly. It is a great place for parents to go with their children.

Paying a visit to an art museum is another way to broaden our horizons, because we can not only learn something about art, but also get some new ideas toward life by appreciating the meaning of the art works. Visiting JumingMuseum really changes my thought about art and museum. I learn that there is no limit of art. After visiting this museum, I realized that even if I am not good at painting, I should also develop a notion to appreciate art. Everything around us has something to do with art. It is something magical that adds spice to our life. The world will be colorless without artistic elements.

All in all, it is such a great place for people from all walks of life to free themselves from the monotonous living. It is worthwhile to spend a whole day in JumingMuseum engaging in arts activities, which can soothe the body, elevate the mind and instill a positive outlook on life. It is no exaggeration to say that no visit to Taiwan is complete without visiting JumingMuseum . Come here to enjoy the artistic atmosphere right now!

* How to Get There?
Take the Chin-shan Line Bus from the bus company's main Taipei station in Taipei or in front of the Danshui MRT Station, or take the Keelung Bus from the main station.
Get off at Jinshan Township Office and continue to the museum by taxi or catch the free museum shuttle next to the township office.

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