Jan 1, 2009

Having FUN in TAINAN!

Having FUN in TAINAN 心輔101 曾昱涵 Peculiar

Want to have some fun? Desire delicate but low-price food? Hope to visit a place that has something besides only passing by and see? All your desire could be satisfied in TAINAN! Please follow my narration, then you’ll be led to the most gorgeous wonderland that you’ve never been to.

One would regret if he didn’t visit some historical sites before he leaves Tainan. Because Tainan is the first capital of Taiwan, 2 hundred years ago, it is rich in history and traditional culture. That’s why the number of historical sites is almost as large as the number of convenient stores in Tainan. Um, I’m not kidding! It’s totally a truth that you’ll find out at the capital of culture ── Tainan.

If you want to take a look at the oldest school in Taiwan, please come to Tainan Confucius Temple(孔廟) to explore the combination of traditional campus and the temple which honors the most distinguished educationist in Asia. You can also dip yourself into the scene of the building’s old elegance and the fresh-green trees swaying with the gentle wind.

Left:An-Ping Tree House(安平樹屋) Right:An-Ping Fort(安平古堡)

If you want to know about the Netherlander’s activity in 17C, An-Ping Fort(安平古堡) and Chih-Kan Tower (赤崁樓)are the greatest choice for visiting. Every part of the buildings has their own stories. What’s more, some buildings are mixed up with the Chinese and western elements. Besides, there is a marvelous An-Ping Tree House(安平樹屋) near by An-ping Fort----the miracle of Nature should be gasped with admiration by yourself personally.

In addition to these historical sites, there’re still COUNTLESS glamorous sites waiting for your arrival. Such as National Museum of Taiwan Literature(國家台灣文學館), the past city hall of Tainan City. Now it is not only a museum for literature, but also a multi-function place which let art and culture to interact with the public. Although the museum only displays pieces about Taiwan literature, the exterior look of it is worthy to spend a gaze as well. The Mansard-style roof and Onion Dome make a great cooperation with the staid red-and-white wall. What’s more, a row of Coconut Palms joined the above-mentioned elements, producing a breathtaking scene.

Speaking of art and breathtaking scenery, I would like to introduce a place deserves your lingering away a whole NIGHT. It is Hai-An Art Road. (海安路藝術造街) that made so many visitors forget the time and stay there until midnight. Hai-An Road was planned to be an under-ground commercial area 10 years ago. However, the plan was forced to stop because of the lack of fund. That’s why Hai-An Road had not had any visitor until some artists contributed to develop this area, solving the dilemma of its developing. Now, Hai-An Art Road is a site which has not only art and surprise, but also history and communal appearance----the old and the new on the same street, making an unforgettable scene for all the visitors.

As you enjoy these famous sites in Tainan, I bet your stomach must also in search of something good----don’t worry about it, because all the tasty food is always waiting for you. People in Tainan usually pay as much attention as they can to what they eat every day, and that’s why Tainan is also called “the capital of food”.

The first one I would like to introduce is Guan-Tsai-Ban(棺材板), a special snack stemmed from Tainan. I can almost be sure that you’ve never know any food like this. Crispy and hollow toast with thick soup----which was made of onion, bean, carrot, squid, milk, and flour----inside, creating a fresh and unique flavor that cheers your bud.

After the snack, are you thirsty for drink? If the answer is yes, you should try some traditional drink in Tainan, such as Kuo's Mung Bean Soup(郭家綠豆湯) and Yi-Fong Winter Melon Tea(義豐冬瓜茶). The old cooking method from hundred years ago keeps the local flavor lasted from past to now.

It is possible that all things above could not satisfy your unfilled stomach. Yet that’s not the problem, for there are some place for you to have a plentiful meal (recommend for lunch, but why? Ha-ha, I’ll tell you later.) For example, Chou's Shrimp Rolls(周氏蝦捲) is always the first choice for me every time I go to An-Ping. After the fresh shrimps ─which is wrapped up in flour─is fried with pork, fish ground into liquid, celery, and green onion in the oil, a crispy golden shrimp rolls seems to be inviting us to experience its deliciousness.

In addition, if you want some light food for lunch, you can’t miss Jin-de Spring Roll(金得春捲). It is a kind of Chinese food which is made with a piece of outer layer wrapping some cooked food in it, including cut-into-piece pork, vegetable in season, fried egg, shrimp, peanut powder, garlic, dried bean curds, and emperor bean. After all the ingredients are rolled up, it will be fried in the pot for a while in order to take off the unnecessary water in the spring roll, and provide a light and fresh taste for us.

Although I’ve presented so many mouth-watering dishes for you, there are still numerous kinds of food in Tainan that you should taste. However, where are they? I’m going to tell you the secret of finding delicious and various foods: Go to the NIGHT MARKET! Not only cheaper and a great variety of food (That’s the reason that I tell you to take those foods for lunch!) but also clothing, shoes, recreation, and supply can be found in the night market. Night markets provide cheaper but low-quality goods, but sometimes we can discover some funny or odd things there, so night market is still a great site for visiting or even killing time, especially the most famous one: Hua-Yuan Night Market(花園夜市). Except for the night market, there still some places for shopping, such as Zhong-Zeng Commercial Area(中正商圈), Bei-Men Commercial Area (北門商圈), are consisted of many shops and restaurants as well.

The pace of life in Tainan is peaceful and leisurely, so please slow down your pace to savor this city. The people in Tainan are also friendly and cordial, so don’t worry about losing your way or facing any other personal problems, for the locals will help you. It is a large curiosity that you only have to bring with you on travel. Just come and see, then you can acquire a totally fresh and new experience after a wonderful journey in TAINAN.

Source of Photo

孔廟 Tainan Confucius Temple

安平古堡An-ping Fort&安平樹屋An-ping Tree House

台灣文學館National Museum of Taiwan Literature

金得春捲Jinde Spring Roll


花園夜市Hua-Yuan Night-market

海安路藝術造街Hai-An Art Street

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