Jan 4, 2009


Tired of shopping in the huge department store not knowing what to buy? Sick of walking on the street bumping into someone who is just wearing the same clothes as you are? Don't worry! Little shops in the East District are good choices to dress you up. Take the Mass Rapid Transportation and get off at the Zhong Xiao Dun Hua station. Little shops are hidden in the alleys.

Why do we call "little shops" ? The reason is that the shops are usually one third of an average shop. They are quite small but each shop is like a delicate museum. Managers decorate their shops according to what the sell: American punk, pop, Japanese style, Bohemia, and so on. Also, everything can be used as decorations: America flags, Korea fans, Japanese dolls, or lollipops put into a cake. It doesn't need to spend a lot of money embellishing a shop, even the wood found beside rivers, shells, or pebble stones can be one of the decorations.

Actually, clothes and accessories there are not cheap at all. However, why do I like it? I think the reason is that every little shop is unique. The managers usually go abroad themselves once a month to pick up the most "in" products with the best design, texture, etc.. They stick to what they really love, and the spend so much time understanding the products. So, of course, they can choose the best ones. They run their shops by hearts and build up their honor. We can totally trust them, sparing our free time shopping there comfortably. Though the product is not usually cheap, it is definitely worth it.

As for me, I like Japanese style better, for we Asian girls have similar shapes. Here going to introduce to everybody my favorite ones.

First of all, Lillian. Going in there is like that you are already in Tokyo! Used fresh, bright decorations, a place where you can totally relax. Try the clothe on, and I am going to be a super star!

Second, CHICHI, which is own by a beautiful, young lady who likes Korean dramas very much at first. She said, “It’s is a trade. We may learn from TV shows to imitate how the actresses wear. Like we seem to like Japanese style few years ago, and now it’s time for Korean style.” She goes to Korea once a month to bring back the clothes and accessories. She describes Korea where she buys all these lovely a 24 hours never sleep town. The hardships she faced during purchasing are that the Korean people are not easy to bargain with. Well, we may ask that she go there alone not knowing a word. How could she bargain? Actually, simple English conversation is just enough. The other difficulty is that they don’t like to sell only one or two pieces; they tend to sell to the cooperated department stores because they can get much higher taxes and that’s also the reason why in the little shops you can spend less money than you buy in the department stores. She also decorated the shop by herself. We can tell that it’s a cozy place where we can slow down our fast paces in this hustle, bustle city.

Third, CYPHER. The owner is also the designer! Every dress in the shop is the only one in the whole world. While some may differ from colors or textures, it’s still very unique. She majored in design and also, her mother said proudly, “She once worked in a very famous dress designing company to learn from the basics and then she studied abroad in order to get into another level.” She wants to make something different from those already in the market. For now, she wants to make something not too girlish and add some punk element. About a month, she’ll find a photographer to take pictures for all the new designs and make into postcards. At last, I ask her about the inspiration which I think is the hardest part. She said, “It’s a “feel” and when it comes, you’ll know it.” Alright, I think she got the genes!

Taipei East District is like a big amusement park where we can find amazing matters on every corner.

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