Jan 17, 2009

Wu Fen Pu(五分埔) 國文101甲謝佩儒


When talking about buying the most fashionable and cheapest clothes in Taipei, Wu Fen Pu is the place which almost everybody who lives in Taipei city will recommend.
Wu Fen Pu, located in front of the Song Shang train station, is a huge market which sells many kinds of clothes and accessories varied from Japenese, Korean, Chinese Idian style to American, Europe style. It provides clothes for both men, women, and even for dogs! Not only for retail sale, Wu Fen Pu is also a place for bulk sale. Every Monday, you can see lots of retail trader come here to purchase clothes for sale. If you would like to take a look at the biggest "mall" that has the greatest variety of things, Wu Fen Pu will definitely be the best choice for you. The only two disadvantage of Wu Fen Pu I can think of, is that sometimes there are stores selling illegal copies of brand name clothes, which is not allowed, ane the other one is that the clothes there usually can’t be tried on for customers.

Wu Fen Pu and I

I love shopping there for not only the reasonable price but also the big variety of clothes. It's lucky that I live very close to Wu Fen Pu so that I can go there for shopping twice a month on average. Among all the shops, the one I like most is the one called Fu-Li. Fu-Li is a shop which sells clothes of Japanese style. Though the price isn't that low among the area, the quality of the fabric is better than others', and the clothes there look better to me, too.


Clue 1: It's close to MRT Hou Shan Pi Station

You can take a MRT train to Hou Shan Pi Station. You can leave the station by Exit 1 and walk north along Jhongpo N. Rd. to the intersection of Jhongpo N. Rd. and Yongji Rd.. Congradulation! Wufenpu is on the left and front.

Clue 2: It's by Songshan railway station

Take a train to Songshan station. It's one of the most important statitions in Taiwan, so every trains will stop here on the way. Leave the station by the south exit facing to Songlong Rd.. Well done! It's on the left and front again.

Clue 3: TGIBIS - a bus information system

We don't know which routes are convenient for you, however, Taipei city government has done a good job. You can check the bus information at Taipei bus and transportation information system: http://www.taipeibus.taipei.gov.tw/index_e.htm

Clue 4: Always another way

Don't forget you can always take a taxi!

Opening Times

A few things about the opening times in WuFenPu which you should know before you come to visit it.

1. Wufenpu is open for 7 days a week.

2. They don't have identical opening times, but mostly start business at around noon and close after mid-night.

3. They are available on Sunday but maybe close earlier after PM 9:00.

4. Monday is reserved for wholesalers, even though you still can go, but may not get services as good as usual.

Welcome to Wu Fen Pu, the biggest and the cheapest market of clothes!


  1. Hi, thanks for the great information here!

    Just a question here, as my friend had just return from Taiwan. They told me WuFenPu doesn't operate on Friday? Is it true?

  2. About how much was the japanese-style clothes you bought?

  3. I am planning a trip to wufenpu, can someone tell me if Visa credit cards r accepted by the merchants, or should I bring Taiwanese currency, much appreciate if u can email me at chokkengvui@gmail.com!

  4. I dun think they allow credit cards... I've been there once, the store owners dun really bother about you, so you can browse freely. But the downside is, you cannot try the clothes, so even though there are plenty nice jeans, I couldnt get any...

  5. Hi. I am thinking about getting some hiking clothing. Any idea whether this can be found in Wufenpu?

  6. can i know inside Wufenpu any baby cloths supplier or warehouse? do e-mail me in kelly.cutieworld@gmail.com. TQ and appreciate.

  7. any idea for me to find baby cloths wholesales / suppliers in taiwan? TQ

  8. Hi, how can I find supplier's contact number if I want to sell it in Malaysia?
    thank you.