Jan 16, 2009

Shi Lin Night Market

cosine 邢正璇

Shi Lin night market is one of the most famous night markets in Taiwan. It is located in TaipeiCity's ShiLinDistrict. My house is near this night market, so it's convenient for me to go shopping or find something good to eat there.

The traffic of this place is very convenient, too. You can take the bus or MRT and get off at Chientan Station. Besides, the market area is near many schools, so there is always crowded with people on weekends and even on weekdays. Actually, another reason why there are always full of people is that Shi Lin night market is a famous travel spot for foreigners, too.

Shi Lin night market can be divided into two parts. One is a large building where you can find all kinds of cheap and delicious food. If you want to try some traditional Taiwanese snacks, such as large pancake enfolding small pancake, hot pot on stone, and Shi Lin sausage, you can't miss this place. The other part is a large area and the center of the area is an old theater. The area includes many streets and vendors, some restaurants, and all kinds of shops, such as furniture, clothing, photo shops, and pet shops. Almost any product imaginable can be found there. The products are of good quality and quite inexpensive, so that you'll be satisfied to shop in this night market.

As a local, I'd like to introduce my favorite snack to you. Although the most famous fry chicken in Shi Lin is Hau Da fried chicken(豪大大雞排), it is not really very delicious for me. I prefer sweet juicy fried chicken(蜜酥雞排) which is to the left of the theater. It's not only very thick but also crisp. What's more, it even tastes a little sweet, and that is really special and yummy. I would be a pity if you come to Shi Lin night market without trying sweet juicy fried chicken.

In addition to all the shopping and food, Shi Lin Night Market also has movie theaters, video arcades and comic books store. There is a building called City Jungle near the market. It is a special place which has fortune-telling streets, cell phone streets, pet streets, KTV, and many other game machines. There is even a racetrack which you can play the kart in the basement of City Jungle.Or there is a bowling alley near Shi Lin night market that you can have fun with your friends. There are also the grounds of the art museum nearby available for a peaceful stroll. After your visit to the night market, you've had your fill of eating, drinking and shopping, you can head up to YangMingMountain to enjoy the night views and take a dip in the hot springs.

With so many choices available in dining, shopping and entertainment, there is no doubt that Shi Lin Night Market will continue to provide an endless supply of attractions and discoveries for all visitors, whether you're a veteran like me or a first-timer. So if you have the chance to visit Shi Lin, don’t forget to come to Shi Lin night market for an unforgettable journey.


  1. i must visit this place when i visit taiwan ...got to know this place from my bf who is in taiwan now for a business trip...the place is so nice...so many things to eat n buy! u r so lucky to stay nearby!

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