Jan 16, 2009


陳怡安 美術101

Chiufen is one of the most popular tourist sites of northern Taiwan. It was said that long ago there were only nine families living in the village where all materials were transported via ships, so whenever one family goes grocery shopping at the market, what they bought would be divided it into nine pieces for each of the families. And the Chinese word nine pieces,“Chiufen” then becomes the village’s name.

Later, Chiufen becomes the center of gold mining, and that’s when lots of people moved in and made Chiufen prosperous. But after the gold runs out, Chiufen faded away soon. But several movies chose to shoot here and the movies won international acknowledgement and awakened people's memory of Chiufen.

Today Chiufen features all sorts of local snacks and unique accessory stores.

Chinese teahouses are also popular among both Taiwanese and Foreigners, and the beautiful ocean view of Keelung outer sea with its foggy weather condition that creates a romantic atmosphere also made Chiufen a great place of sightseeing.

I went on a trip to Chiufen with Kaohsiung and Pingtung association of NTNU on October 25th. We visited the Gold Ecological Museum which presents the history of mining gold and the physical characteristic of gold. But the best of all is the snacks of Chiufen old street, I bought all kinds of desserts and local food such as Yu Yuan, Grass dumplings and Fish ball soup. I even bought some back to dorm to share with my