Jan 10, 2009

Taipei Zhongshan Hall

Taipei Zhongshan Hall

When I was 14, I happened to have a chance to hold a concert with the Chinese Orchestra of our school in Zhongshan Hall. I was shocked by its beauty and solemnity at first sight. From then on, it has become the most attractive site in the Ximenting neighborhood for me. Besides going there for a walk in my free time, I usually go to there to attend concerts. Therefore, I really want to introduce Zhongshan Hall to the class and let everybody know how attractive it is.
If we walk along Yanping South Road in the Ximenting neighborhood of the Wanhua District, we will see a beautiful building located there, hidden in an alley. It is called Taipei Zhongshan Hall, one of the most famous historic spots in TaipeiCity.

The construction of Zhongshan Hall was started in 1932 and was completed in 1936. As a tribute to mark the ascension of the Japanese Emperor, the Japanese government, who was colonizing Taiwan, dismantled the former Ching Dynasty government office and built it as the Taipei City Hall. This four-story steel-structure was designed to be fire-resistant and to withstand severe quakes or typhoons. The main architect serving as a Chief Engineer put to good use the full cost of ¥980,000 and some 94,500 engineers and workers.
In 1945, in the celebration of recovering Taiwan after World War II,the Chief of Taiwan Provincial Administrative Office accepted a formal surrender from the Japanese Governor of Taiwan. After that, the former TaipeiCity Hall was renamed as Zhongshan Hall and became an official meeting place under the Chinese government. What’s more, it had been one of the most formal reception area for welcoming important foreign guests, including the former US president Richard Nixon, Korean President Lee Chen-Wine,and so on. It has also hosted some memorial ceremonies, such as the signing of the Sino-US Taiwan Mutua l Defense Treaty and the formal inauguration ceremonies of the president and Vice-President of the Republic of China.
Zhongshan Hall has been through the Japanese colonization over Taiwan, and has marked Taiwan's return to China over five decades of Imperial Japanese rule. As a consequence, the Internal Ministry Department has made Zhongshan Hall under the shield of Relics Protection Act as a major national cultural monument in 1992, reminding us these important historical events.
Now it functions as a a concert hall and one of the best places for the residents of TaipeiCity to take a walk to in holidays.
How to get there?
1.By MRT: exit 5 of Ximen Station
2. By Bus: 9、12、25、49、52、201、202、205、206、209、212、218、221、223、231、232、233、234、235、238、239、242、243、246、249、250、252、253、259、260、262、265、281、302、304、307、310、601、604、624、628、701

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