Dec 31, 2008

Bangka Lungshan Temple: Where spirits live

Thousands of folks surge into LungshanTemple every day. In the face of adversity, people usually seek shelter where they can, clinging to life and waiting for the storm to pass. LungshanTemple offers a place where one who is under a lot of strain in livelihood can commit their souls to Gods.

Let the divine inspirations set you free

Life in Taipei, a prosperous city, though brightened with many colors, is noisy and crowded. With a view to earning as much money as possible, people are always on the go. Being under stress continually, they feel exhausted, worried and not knowing what to do about the next step. They ask spirits’ suggestions, by casting two pieces of wood which are shaped like lunula. If one piece shows the obverse side, with the other on the reverse side, it means the spirits agree your opinion. Then, just to do what you want and let the consent of Gods wash away your anxiety.

A Masterpiece of Traditional Chinese Architecture

Lungshan Temple, was founded in 1738, consists of three halls: the fore hall, the main hall and the rear hall. With the destruction of the bombing during World War II, the whole temple was toppled. Thanks to Wang Yi-Shun, we have rebuilt a temple of art; and thanks to his perfect carving skills, the LungshanTemple has become one of the most impressive sites in Taiwan.
There are many pillars supporting the historic temple uprightly. These pillars are not made for ornaments, but there is nothing else that so splendidly ornaments a temple. On the original intentions of the masons, the pillars are made out of stones in an eye to protecting the stylobates from decayed. However, to build pillars without inscribing is like go out without dressing. So the masons started carving something served as the symbolization of joy, such as the magpies and the blossoms stands for “to look very happy.” It is hard to find these vivid and exquisite carvings in modern architecture. LungshanTemple preserves a heritage of ancient culture for future generations. Therefore, it is assigned a historical site of second grade by the government.

Have some snacks

After making a formal visit to LungshanTemple, you can try some local snacks: sailfish rice-flour soup tastes thick and delicious; glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaves, palatable; crispy tofu, toothsome; green grass tea, able to anneal. Savoring these snakes is an inexpensive way to be fulfill your hunger of tasty foods
Life at any time can become difficult. Worshiping a religious figure might help one adjusts oneself more easily. Although you are not a Buddhist, LungshanTemple is still worthy of visit. The erection remains unequaled and draws tourists’ attention. In conclusion, LungshanTemple bears testimony to the spirits of devotees to Gods now and forever.
How to get there

MRT: Longshan Temple Station
0 west, 1, 9, 18, 24,25,38, 49, 231, 233, 234, 263, 264, 265, 310, 601, 628, 701,702, 703,705(Longshan Temple Stop)
205, 218(Laosong Elementary School Stop)
Train:TRA Wanhua Station

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