Dec 31, 2008

Hou-feng bikeway& dong-feng bike way

-old railway,new scenery
Without any sweat.I’m going to lead you to experience a tour of nature.
Hou-feng bikeway& dong-feng bike way are famous to many biking-lover.
However, even not a biking lover, It is still worthy to be visited!

The two bike way are connected. Totally the length is 16.5km, while it is not necessary that one should ride the whole route at once! There are many fabulous spot along the way. Each part has its distinguished features. Enable to let people enjoy the whole ridding. Also ,we can enjoy the beautiful sight along the bank of da-jia river. The entrance of hou-feng bikeway is located in hou-li town, near by another famous scenic spot hou-li horse farm.

The most famous part in the road is the 9th tunnel ,which is used to be using by
train.The tunnel is neitherwind nor very big .Just suitable for little train.Now, It’s suitable for two bikes ridding together.It is cool inside, the temperature is lower than outside. If you ride it in summer, it’s really comfortable.

The end of hou-feng bikeway is the beginning of dong-feng bikeway.

Dong-feng bikeway is the first bikeway that is constructed by a devastated railway in Taiwan. Dong-feng bike way was once called Dong-feng rail way, carrying wood and farm product. To many local people, it is a memory to their past life. Passing through Houli、Shi Gang、Dong-feng bikeway is longer than hou-feng bikeway ,while there are more spots in it, including Shi Gang reservoir and 921 memorial park-The place where government keep the shattered building and several broken rock(really big, taller than me! ).

If hungry, going on a picnic would be a good choice!
Or, there are many food shop along the way, look at this mango ice!

I went and had fun in the two bikeway with my friends in this summer vacation. I like biking but I don’t ride it often , therefore, I was afraid that I couldn’t finish the whole route, nevertheless , my friend told me that the only thing that I supposed to do is to enjoy the refreshing air、blue sky and all the things we meet in our journey. But actually, ridding bicycle in such a distance is not a easy thing. After several curve, I had felt a little tired. especially those up slopes always made me have the impulse to take a brake. But after a while, the beautiful views caught my sight, I forgot the tiredness, relishing in the speed and wind. It is unavoidable that we may face difficulties in our journey, but I realize that once there is up slopes, there will be down slope after while, and ridding the speedy down slopes part is my favorite time.
Don’t worring!

There are many shops that provide bike renting.

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