Dec 29, 2008

L'apres midi 立裴米緹

Because this store is located in a small lane in 師大night market, people seldom notice it, except those who have known it. However, many people are fascinated by the shop’s warm light at the first sight. The gentle atmosphere catches their attention. 立裴米緹 is an amazing coffee shop that is worth visiting.

The owner of this coffee shop, Mr. Tan, has his own belief. He cares about the quality of the coffee beans; therefore, he imports coffee beans himself. What’s more, Mr. Tan roasts coffee beans on his own.It is difficult to roast coffee beans; however, Mr. Tan has been roasting coffee beans for more than ten years. Hence, he is good at controlling every factor that may influence the flavor of coffee. Because of that, the flavor of the coffee there is beyond description.
Something special
There are some special offers in the coffee shop. One of them is that you can tell Mr. Tan your specific preference to the coffee and he will brew coffee based on your requirement. Another special offer is that the owner of the shop holds art exhibitions once a month. You can appreciate the masterpieces while tasting the coffee. It is really a special experience. The other special offer is that there is a fortuneteller in the shop; therefore, you can drink coffee and have your fortune told at the same place.

Something great
If you are interested in brewing coffee or you want to know much more about coffee, you must come to this coffee shop. Mr. Tan is very generous and kind. Therefore, if you chat with him, he would share his experience with you. It is definitely beneficial and interesting to you if you have some talks with Mr.Tan.
The coffee shop is a good place not only for killing time but for studying. Mr. Tan always keeps the shop tidy; thus, you may feel comfortable in it. Furthermore, the shop is poetically silent, the attendants are kind, and the atmosphere is peaceful. There are Wireless Internet and delicious French desserts. Most of all, you can always smell the fragrance of coffee in the shop, and it really lifts people’s spirits.

The reason why I go there
My sister and I are very picky about coffee. We like to drink black coffee, but we often have to add sugar and milk to our coffee in the restaurant because of the terrible flavor. However, in 立裴米緹, we can drink coffee without sugar and milk because it tastes fantastic. We also like the wonderful atmosphere in the coffee shop; therefore, we sometimes go there to share our joy and sorrow with each other. Owing to this shop, my sister and I become closer.

The reason why I recommend this shop to the foreigner
Many foreigners have stereotype to a night market is that it is very chaotic and noisy; however, 立裴米緹 is a quiet place in 師大 night market. I want to let the foreigner know that there are also some undisturbed places in night markets.
This is a place that you can chat with your friends or families, study and relax yourself. Once you have a cup of coffee in 立裴米緹, you won’t want to go to another coffee shop because this shop is so wonderful that you can’t help go there again. I really recommend you to visit 立裴米緹coffee shop. If you want to have a pleasure time, 立裴米緹would be the best place to go.

How to go there
It is located at 台北市大安區雲和街51號.
Bus: 74(National Taiwan Normal University), 254(National Taiwan Normal University 1)
MRT: Taipower Building No.3

Opening time
Monday to Friday:13:30-24:00
Saturday and Sunday:13:30-23:00
心輔一 郭姵含(Peggy)

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