Dec 30, 2008

Fong-jia night market

Taichung is my hometown. I lived there before I went to NTNU. So I’m quite familiar with Taichung city. There’s not only beautiful scenery at daytime, but also fun places at night. One of it is night market.

Night markets play a very important role in our daily life, and it’s a distinguished feature in Chinese culture.
One of the most famous night markets is Fong-jia night market.
It’s the biggest night market in Taichung. Not to mention that how many interesting things it can be found. The amazing growth of Fong-jia night market was because of Fong-jia University. At the beginning, the vendors in the night market were to provide food for the students in the university. As time goes by, the scale has become larger and larger, and it started attracting not only students in the Fong-jia university, but also tourists.
Now, there are many vendors selling clothes, food, and lots of shops with cosmetics, glasses and almost everything you can think of.

Sometimes I have dinner with some friends there; it not only offers us a variety of choices, but helps us to save our money.

Barbecued non-shell shrimp (炭烤剝殼蝦)
One of my favorite is the barbecued non-shell shrimp. The shrimp is very convenient to eat and delicious, you don’t have to took off the shell when you eat, the shell of that kind of shrimp is soft, and the most attractive feature is that the shrimp is definitely fresh, the vendors keep the shrimp in a big, transparent box with a machine offering plenty of oxygen, then one of the vendors would grab the shrimp from the box when you order, and put it on the toaster. You can see the whole process in front of you. There’s also variety of flavors that you can choose. So there are always people lining up for it.
The stall is located in the road in front of the university.

The large intestine with sausage(大腸包小腸)
Another favorite is the large intestine with sausage. It is famous in Taiwan; you can find it almost in every night market. But in Fong-jia night market, the intestines with sausages are different from those in other night markets.
We usually put glutinousrise in the large intestine, which has been processed till it became as thin as plastics bags. That way, the pig intestine doesn’t have any smell, and can be used to shape the glutinous rice. The finished dish looks like a bigger sausage. We call it “glutinous sausage”.
The final procedure is to barbecue the both things, final part is to cut the glutinous sausage into two halves and put the sausage in it, usually with some sauce.

The greatest difference part between Fong-jia’s the large intestine with sausage and those in other places is that they not only have the condiments which it already have in other places, but also add some vegetable like cucumber and sweet ginger. So it tastes more crispy and fresh. As it became famous, more and more shops were opened around Taiwan, so now you can find it popular in many other places.

Fresh juice bar
After the heavy taste of the dish, are you thirsty? There’s a kind of drink that you can easily find in the tropical and subtropical countries. That is watermelon juice. In Fong-jia night market, there are lots of juice vendors along the road. I think the watermelon juice is wonderful in summer because it’s a kind of fruit that helps us feel cool, just like coconut water.

The juice there is completely “real”, not made from condense juice. You can see the juicer working, and how the juice was made. Most of all, it’s very cheap!!

Tiny cake(雞蛋糕)
The final dish I think you should taste is the “tiny cake”, also called the “chicken cake” in Chinese. Tiny cakes are made of cookie dough, but much thinner. The vendors mix flour, eggs and water, then put the liquid in the shape molds, which have the cute cartoon characters or toy shape, The dough is heated in the modes for a few minutes, and then you can see the delicious small cakes in interesting shapes!
It tastes sweet and when the out layer is crisp, the inside very soft. You really have to try it!

The Fong-jia night market starts around four or five in the afternoon and will last until late at night. If you just need to hang out somewhere or have a unique dinner, Fong-jia night market will be a good choice!

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