Dec 29, 2008

Exploration of Penghu---an attractive and amazing island

Exploration of Penghu---an attractive and amazing island
Will高瑋呈from Civic Leadership Department

Have you ever been to Penghu?It is a wonderful island in the west of Taiwan. You can come to Penghu by taking a plane.If not, you may regard it as an underdeveloped place. In fact, the idea is wrong. In recent decades, it has grown more and more prosperous.As a Penghu native, I hope all of you can change your old impression on Penghu. However, I am not here to complain, I am going to introduce it to all of you from a native’s perspective. I divide the introduction into three part. In the first part, you will get to know many specialties in Penghu. In the second, I will show you where to go and what to do to have fun in the country. And in the third part, I will share my favorite legend with you. Just keep reading. I will show you a totally different Penghu.
First, let’s start from the city. Undoubtedly, Mcdonald’s and Starbucks are not special enough to be mentioned at all, hence I will introduce some stores with Penghu’s unique features to all of you. Usually, tourists walk in the city and look for local flavors. And the stores can be divided into two sorts---“food and souvenir”. When it comes to food , our seafood is second to none because we have superior geographical location, which enables us to get the freshest seafood from the sea. But since seafood is inconvenient for tourists to bring home as a souvenir, other kinds of specialties tend to be much more popular. “Black sugar cake” ”Cactus ice” ”peanut candy ”and ”Salt cookie” are the top 4 preference.
Here I’d like to pick two from the four special foods for detailed description.
Black sugar cake is a combination of black sugar and cake. It is not too soft or hard. The

combination of the two makes a extremely wonderful taste. It’s out of description. If there is any chance, just give it a big bite without any hesitation. Remember to eat all of them within two days as soon after you buy them, or it may lose its best taste and even start to rot. Cactus ice, again, is the combination of two things which are almost hard to be associated together. Cactus its own has a special flavor. It tastes sweet and a little sour. When it’s combined with ice. The new product offers you the best antidote to thirst. After satisfying your taste bud, you can step into some souvenir stores and get something special about Penghu. Usually, those kind of stores provide you with lots of choices helping to make an unforgettable experience in your mind. There are necklace made of shells, T-shirts with features of Penghu printed on it, delicate man-made mini sailboats put in glass bottles and many types of artificial postcards. It is a heaven to pick some presents for your friends. Even if they have no chance to come to Penghu , these articles can give them a totally different experience as well. If you really need something memorable to help you remember your trip forever. Go to a “Wen-shi”(stone with pleasing streaks or mottles) store and make a seal of your own.

After walking around the city, you may want to have a close touch with the nature. Rent a Motorcycle and go ahead to the countryside. On the motorcycle, you can have a much closer touch with the nature. You can see cow eating grass on the farm. You can just get off your motorcycle and take some pictures as soon as you see wonderful scenery. The beach is especially beautiful. Almost every tourists coming to Penghu want to go to the beach because we have clean water and white sand, and a lot of water activities are available, like snorkeling, water skiing, surfing and so on…Besides, there are many things you can do in the country. You can admire beautiful sunrise at 菓葉 and sunset at 西嶼. At night, you can rent a boat and have an experienced guide for your night-tubule-fishing trip. If you are tired of fishing, find a beach and lie on it, then enjoy the sky with clearly-seen stars. What an enjoyment! All in all, the very accessible big nature makes Penghu’s difference from other places.
Finally, there are a lot of resorts which are really meaningful to Penghu natives, and from the perspective of visitors, those places seem to be interesting and attractive. Among them, I want to introduce the “Whale Cave” to all of you. As implied by the name, the cave is a large whale-shaped cave. Because of its legendary origin, I mention it individually. It is said that a long time ago a little whale was grounded and his mother tried to rescue him but failed. Being so sad, she kept crashing the mountain until death, so the whale-shaped cave is in fact a mountain with a“whale-made” hole.
It is impossible to put all the features of Penghu into this article. But I hope what is mentioned above helps to perfect your trip. Next time, if you are going to plan your trip to Penghu, make sure you make enough preparation, which will absolutely make your experience much more unforgettable!

After reading my introduction, if you want to get more information about Penghu. The website below offers you comprehensive information from where to live to what to eat.

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