Dec 31, 2008

The Beverage You Must Try !!

My favorite beverage shop-50嵐-Igarashi.
Daniel 姚昭揚 from Civic Education and Leadership Department.
The tea shop in Taiwan I love the most is 「50嵐」.The first time I saw the shop was on the newspaper which introduces tasty drinks. Because I am a drinkaholic and the photos on the newspaper really attracted me, I went to buy one of the introduced beverage-grass jelly tea latte(仙草紅茶拿鐵). The grass jelly was really big! If you order the middle-size cup, the grass jelly would occupy seventy percent of the cup. The tea latte was not made of cream but fresh milk. It was healthier and tasted quite terrific. The big grass jelly made it even better! I was addicted to Igarashi after the first sip.
Besides the grass jelly tea latte, let me introduce more drinks I would like you to know! One of my favorite beverages is pudding tea latte. If you order the big-size cup of it, there will be TWO puddings in your drink! How wonderful! Though it will cost a little more, I just cannot help ordering it. Another drink that I like the most is also the popular beverage in Igarashi, the ice cream tea. There will be a big ball of vanilla ice cream with black tea in your cup. It tasted cool, and, what’s more, you can add pearl, bubble or coconut to your drink without any other cost! I also like the pearl tea latte. The pearl and bubble in 「50嵐」 are of good elasticity. You have to try it at least once in your life!
Furthermore, there are many gifts 「50嵐」 will give you as present. For example, cute and various kinds of magnet, table-calendar with special pattern and so on. What appeals to me much is that if you buy five cups of drinks, you will get one more cup for free! Without doubt, it is a nice bargain.
Though there are many merits of 「50嵐」, there are still some shortcomings, too. For instance, many people think that the price of the drinks in 「50嵐」 is a little too high. For me, what makes me upset about 「50嵐」 is the district-difference. In the nut shell, I think the beverage in Taichung tastes much better than the same beverage in Taipei. The size of cup in Taipei is smaller than it in Taichung. What’s worse, when the first time I bought pudding tea latte in Taipei, there was only ONE pudding in my drink with the same price as in Taichung. This experience made me vow not to go to 「50嵐」 in Taipei anymore.
Pronounced as “ Igarashi” ,50嵐 is one of the Japanese surnames. The word-arashi also means "storm" in Japanese. The first Igarashi was established in Tainan by Mr.馬瑞東 in 1994.Because of his efforts for many years, you can find Igarashi all over Taiwan.
Even though the original place of Igarashi is in Tainan, it is more popular in Taichung. Since the Igarashi has been established, it retains the spirit of "Service , Quality , Creativity". The storm of Igarashi sweep across Taiwan with kind service, superior quality and unique taste .
Igarashi's insistence on the control of the quality has always been it's persistence at any cost. Pearls or bubbles(波霸) that were not sold for over 3 hours or tea under the standard temperature will never appear on the counter of Igarashi. The shop puts emphasis on their on-the-moment hand-shaken drinks without any artificial flavorings. It provides specialty drinks everyday.
There are three main sale-strategies of Igarashi. First, the thing under the standard quality will never be sold. Second, they only serve the best beverage by the best materials and apparatus. Last but not least, to combine people with the same vision to operate a corporate career.
“Do you want the normal quantity of sugar and ice in your drink? ” The sentence is from the friendly clerk. He or she would ask you initiatively and politely. Every cup of beverage would be made to meet the demand of customer. Even if you do not want to put on more weight, Igarashi will give you unique drinks to let you enjoy the drink without worrying about fat. It is on-the-moment hand-shaken drinks that satisfy each customer.
That’s all my opinion about Igarashi. If you have never tried it before, take a try one day; if you are addicted to it just like me, let’s go to buy something to drink!

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