Dec 31, 2008

Taipei 101

Which building is the tallest in Taiwan and was once in the whole world? Where can you have a feast for your eyes for the most splendid fireworks display when the moment you finish counting down of the year? Without a second thought we all know it is Taipei 101, a modern architecture combined with traditional notion and symbols.
What's unique about Taipei 101?

Well, the special architecture has a lot to offer. Its name features the idea of going one better on 100, and the number means perfection in Chinese tradition. Besides, take a closer look and you’ll find that the shape of its exterior appearance resembles a bamboo, signifying learning and growth. The bamboo-shaped building has eight segments, with eight floors in each. In Chinese culture, the number “eight” is often associated with abundance, prosperity, and good fortune.

The feeling you see Taipei 101 from a distant place is totally different from the feeling of standing just in front of it and lifting up your head to see its endless stretch. I remember the first time I looked up at what I thought to be a mysterious structure, I could say nothing but “wow” with emotion of marvel and amazement. Compared with 101, I was just like a grain of salt that was too tiny to be observed. Actually I could just have part of its image because it’s too high and, sometimes, surrounded by thick smog or cloud. Somehow I was still awestricken.

Since I was a student in senior high school which is near Taipei 101, I had plenty of chances to observe it every day while going to school and after class. It was during these three years that I found it has many patterns to display. Sometimes it would show special pictures for some specific festival. For example, I once saw red ribbon exhibited in red light on December 1st, the date which reminds people of showing love and care for those who have AIDS. And it would display “88” on outer wall on Fathers' Day for the purpose of celebrating this annual festival.

A red ribbon, the internationally recognized symbol of AIDS and"♥AIDS" are lighted on top of "Taipei 101" during a campaign for World AIDS Day in Taiwan.

on Double Tenth Day

on Valentine's Day

Even on days that are not set for celebrations, the lights and decorations on this building change every evening. There are seven colors for each weekday, like red for Monday and orange for Tuesday. The lights would decorate the building until ten o' clock every day. Turning off the lights conveys the message that a hardworking day has ended.

We'll have more to expect, because this year the 89th-floor observatory will be open for people who want to enjoy themselves among thundering fireworks. The cost is NT700 dollars each person. After admiring unforgettable view, there will also be a chance to see the first gleams of morning from the top of Taipei 101 this year, with tickets sold NT800 dollars each.

This is the picture in the new year of 2008:

This outstanding landmark in Taipei has really more to offer, not only with its unique modernistic appearance that attracts people from all over the world to see it, but also with plenty of special markets, restaurants, gyms, and elegant boutiques for those who want to enjoy their life there. And I think the popularity will increase as more and more foreign visitors have perfect impression on Taipei 101. It's true that Taipei 101 brings Taipei to the world.

Outside of Taipei 101. The Christmas tree in the picture was taken this December.
How to get there?


Taipei City Hall Station 2 exit.

Then take walk for about 10 minutes or if you are afraid of getting lost. You can find shuttle bus near number2 exit for free charge.

shuttle bus:

here's its route:

For more information:
Hope you enjoy your day with Taipei 101 !
by Janice 陳怡君, 教育系101

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