Dec 26, 2008


□ Are you fond of contemporary dance? If your answer is “yes”, then you must not miss the most well-known theatre in Taiwan – Cloud Gate.
You may be curious about what “Cloud Gate” exactly means in Chinese. Here is the thing: According to legend, Cloud Gate is the name of the oldest known dance in China, a ritual dance of some 5000 years ago. In 1973, choreographer Lin Hwai-min adopted this classical name for the first contemporary dance company in any Chinese speaking community: Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan.

□ Cloud Gate’s rich repertoire originate from Asian myths, folktale, and aesthetics, but it also includes a modern and universal perspective to these ancient belief and stories.
The company is consist of two-dozen dancers whose drill involving in Tai Chi Tao Yin (an ancient form of Chi Kung), meditation, martial arts, Chinese Opera movement, modern dance, ballet, and even calligraphy.

□ Nowadays, Cloud Gate has toured overseas throughout the continents of Europe, Asia, Australia, North America and had taken part in important international arts festivals, such as New York’s Next Wave Festival, the Sydney 2000 Olympic Arts Festival, Berlin Festival etc..
What’s more, Cloud Gate has received much praise from some international critics:

"Asia's leading contemporary dance theatre" ── The Times, London

"One of the finest dance companies in the world" ── The Globe and Mail, Toronto

"Best of the Best" ── Sydney Morning Herald

In 2006, critics’ poll by Ballettanz and Theatre Heute chose “Cursive: A Trilogy” as the best dance choreography of the year.

□ Back in homeland Taiwan, Cloud Gate commands high appreciation and popularity as well. It performs all over the island, from the lavish National theatre in Taipei to mid-sized cultural centers in different cities, and to high school auditoriums in remote villages. The company also gives outdoor performances several times a year for free to the public, attracting up to 60,000 audiences per performance.

□ To introduce contemporary dance to more people and cultivate young choreographers in Taiwan, Cloud Gate 2 was founded in 1999. In 1998, CloudGateDanceSchool was established to disseminate the joy of dance to students at the age of 4 to 84.

□ In 2003, in recognition of Cloud Gate’s contribution to the cultural life of Taipei City, the city government proclaimed August 21st, the premiere day of Cloud Gate’s 30th anniversary season , as ”Cloud Gate Day” and named Fu-Hsing North Road, Lane 231, home of Cloud Gate’s office, as “Cloud Gate Lane.” This is the first time Taiwan named a day and place for a living artistic group in memory of its contribution to the society.

Cloud Gate is the most successful dance theatre in the world that represents Taiwan. Its local spirits inspires many people to stick to their dreams and encourage them to appreciate and have faith in Chinese culture.

With their effort, I believe Taiwanese will create a different sight of our nation.

Student’s Name:Hsiao Wen-ying (Wendy)
Department:Fine Art 101
Seat NO. 497600601

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