Dec 31, 2008

Le-Hua Night Market

Le-Hua Night Market is a very popular and well-known place in Yung-He City. The night market is located on Yung-ping Road. It has nearly 320 shops and vendors, including food stands, restaurants, boutiques, clothing stores, and so on. If you want to taste various kinds of traditional foods in Taiwan, Le-Hua Night Market is just the place you should pay a visit to. Not only can it provide food you may have never tasted before, it also gives friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, it only takes 5 minutes by walking from MRT Dingxi Station to the night market. In this article, I’ll introduce some traditional and popular stores, and I promise you’ll like them! Now, let’s take a little food tour.

First of all, when coming to Le-Hua Night Market, one of the most important stores we cannot miss is the one selling oyster omelets. After taking a two-minute walk from the start of the night market, you’ll see it on the left side. It has been running for almost 30 years, and the ownership of it has been handed down to the second generation by the original shopkeeper. The store is special because it always uses fresh oysters, and the food is flavored with specific sauce made exclusively by the owners. Except the owners, no one knows how to make that particular sauce. The sauce is so delicious that some people even want to buy it. The store also uses sweet potato flour and water celery to substitute the flour and celery cabbage that other venders use, which will make the oyster omelets more savory. People would rather spend a long time waiting in line just for the tenderness and tasty flavor of oyster omelets. If you want to take a visit and have some nice oyster omelets, remember to come as early as you can.

When the appetizer is finished, let’s move on to the entrée. There is a really special store selling angelica duck and that with thin noodles. The store is located near the end of the night market; you can easily find it by recognizing its bright simple sign. It uses ducks just killed within a day and handmade noodles to make the food tastier. The highest record of the number of ducks they sell out per day is 50. So you can know how popular it is. It mainly provides soup with thin noodles or green bean noodles. It also sells some specific parts of the duck. In addition, some Chinese herbal medicines are put into the soup, which is beneficial to health. Don’t worry, the soup is mild so that it is suitable for everyone, even the pregnant and the sick can have the soup. It doesn’t smell weird; you can slightly smell the sweetness of the angelica duck instead! With the tenderness of duck meat and the elasticity of noodles, it will absolutely be a delicacy for you when visiting here.

After having so many things to eat, we may probably feel thirsty. If so, I cordially recommend a place for you to go. There is one store selling almond ice, which you can find out on the right side after walking through the only winding road in the night market. The reason why I would like to talk about this store is that it not only sells almond ice but also offers kinds of snacks made from almond, including tofu, cookies, ice-lollies, and so forth. The store mainly sells almond shaved ice and tofu. The ice they use is purely made of almond, which makes the shaved ice and mein mein ice so yummy. Needless to say, they are the most popular items ordered by visitors because of their frosty and velvety taste. What’s more, it also sells almond soft ice cream that other venders don’t have. Therefore, if you’re accustomed to the special smell of almond and want to have some tasty shaved ice or snacks, you shouldn’t miss this store!

There’re still a lot more special food stands and stores in Le-Hua Night Market. Whether traditional or modern, they all have their exclusive traits and the ways to attract people. The most distinctive feature of the night market is that it offers both delicious food and the friendly atmosphere. Only when you come here will you know how you can be infected with that feeling. So, when coming to Yung-He City , don’t forget to take a look at the sleepless nigh market and get something to eat. I promise that you will have a good time!

Directions :
MRT : Dingxi Station ( Beitou – Nanshijiao Line )
Bus : 5、57、214、238、624、627 ( Lehua Theater )
51、57、214、242、243、248、262、304、311、627 ( MRT Dingxi )
If you start walking from the Dingxi Station, you don’t need to worry about the side of the road you’re walking on. There’s a huge winding road which leads you to Zhongzheng Bridge; therefore, walk towards the opposite direction. Just walk straight, and you only need to cross the road once. The distance between the MRT station and the night market is within 300 meters.

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