Dec 31, 2008

The Otaku Culture in Taiwan

The Otaku culture in Taiwan
When it comes to Otaku culture, people may immediately think of a computer geek sitting in front of a terribly messy desk, searching free animations and cartoon pictures. A room filled with trash, comics, models, and many other items that indicate that this man has not been out for a long time. Indeed, a typical Otaku matches most descriptions, but is that all about Otaku culture?

Originated from Japanese, Otaku means” house” in the language. So it is not difficult to put the two things, a house and a never-going out person together. But in Japan, “Otaku” can also means” A person who excels in a specific area.” That is to say, someone who excels in gardening can be called a “gardening Otaku”. And a person may be called a “spelling Otaku” after winning the spelling contest. And in the ACG (animations, comics, games) field, of course, is the most well known type. As everyone knows, Japanese culture has a great influence on Taiwan. Every year the island imports numerous cargos from Japan. And Japan, without doubt, had successfully sold itself to not only Taiwan, but the whole world.

Since ACG field is the most recognizable feature of a Otaku, then where can a Otaku gain ACG resources? Of course, the Internet is the largest information provider. Otakus often spend a great sum of time staying in front of computer. They download comics and videos easily in this way. (No matter legal or illegal). For they spend their money in other items. Internet also allows those who have the same interests gather together and discuss about their similar topic, this contribute to the foundation of some internet club or website. Then how about other Otaku essential materials? In Taipei, Ximen is the most distinguished area in Otaku groups. The Ximen area is nearly fashion itself. There is on surprise Otakus can find their paradise here.

Another distinctive feature of Otaku is that Otakus are not social or even not talkative. Due to staying in a specific area constantly, Otakus are tending to live in his or her world, instead of going out and stay with people. Indeed, this has caused some problem. Psychological damages, body weakening and Korashi(die of over working). They all do numerous side effects on every social aspect.

The formation of Otaku culture is merely a reflection on our society. Although being a normal circumstance, most islanders still look down on those who show interest in ACG fields. Mostly because of the lack of knowledge and sensational reports written by unrealistic media. The situation even worsens when politicians start arguing about unnecessarily issue about Japan. Local conceptions also make things more difficult. People are so easily infected by the outer world that they often ignore ones humanity. There are plenty of elites around us that have found their interest in ACG field. You may not know that even Taro Aso, the prime minister of Japan, loves spending his leisure time watching animations! It proves that Otaku culture should not be seen as abnormal. All should learn to show respect to unfamiliar culture and develop ones own view point.

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