Dec 31, 2008

Hsinchuang Stadium Taipei County

Hsinchuang Stadium Taipei County
After a busy and harsh week, how would you like to spend your two-day weekend? Staying at home studying? Eating chips and watching TV? Sleeping until noon or afternoon or even all day? Or, having some fresh air? If your choice is to have some refreshing air, let me tell you a place you must try.
Hsinchuang Stadium Taipei County, the place I recommend that you go, is like a very big park. Located near the Hsinchuang City Hall, the stadium is not difficult to find. If you take the MRT, get off at the Xinpu station, and get out through the exit number five; then you will see many bus stops along the road. There are many buses going to the stadium, so just choose one, and jump on it!

Looking out the windows of the bus, you may soon find that the scenery outside become a little different. Narrow allies are replaced by big squares, and smoky factories are substituted by green trees. Now, we are approaching our destination, Hsinchuang Stadium. The stadium includes three main parts, the Gymnasium, the Athletic Field, and the Baseball Field. There are also a Tennis Court, a Dancing Classroom, a Children’s Playground, and a Inline-skating Lane surrounding the three main buildings.

Not only the various facilities but also the diverse landscapes in the stadium area are fascinating. There are many beautiful scenes in any possible corner through the whole area, so just walk easy in any district, and you will encounter many surprises that you even haven’t expected.

The “Landscape Lake” is one of the most popular spots, which always attracts many people and brings much fun to those who came and stayed. Along the shore, sparrows fly down to fight for the foods while the children happily scatter the foodstuffs around themselves, making a picture of the harmony between human being and the nature. In the benches around the lake, people enjoy their precious leisure time watching what’s now happening in front of them. It seems that the time is frozen, and no more rushes would appear again.

The “Sunshine Meadow” is another region I like very much. Just as it is named after the sunshine, the meadow looks like a green carpet with a layer of golden powder on it at some specific moments. The sun shines brightly and warmly, giving a hopeful image. Every thing seems so lovely and high-spirited that we can’t miss any. No matter it’s at dawn or in the afternoon, there are many people exercising Kung Fu, walking, playing with kids, singing together, or just sitting and chatting on the meadow. It is this place that everyone regards as his own yard, where a person can totally do what he wants to do. Try to lie on the grass, and you will see many kites fly. They fly higher and higher to the sky, taking away our worries from daily routines.

After having the relaxing time in the “green part” of the stadium, it’s a good choice to have or to watch a sport game now. In the stadium, the facilities are well-maintained. Choose a sport you like, and then you can have a great time awaking your sleeping body. Among the many facilities, the baseball field would be the most teeming one. Every time when there is a game, people come here from different places to cheer for their favorite team. Exciting crowds, busy vendors, studious players, and wonderful games, all these elements build up the kingdom of baseball. During the games, you will see the passion and energy of the Taiwanese. So, if you haven’t experienced the thrilling feeling of watching a baseball game in a spacious field with thousands of crazy fans, just come here, and you will want to come again.

Hsinchunang Stadium is a place suitable for everyone, from the old to the babies. Its variety provides boundless possibilities to the local people, sometimes even people from other cities or counties. The meadow, pools, tall trees, and lakes give the stadium a brand new appearance, protecting the eco-system and showing people a green world in the busy city. In the meantime, the sports facilities give people an environment to do some outdoor activities with family or friends. Seeing the happy faces or hearing the innocent laughter around the stadium, you would feel that it’s the most beautiful moment in your life. So, come here now! The Hsinchuang Stadium will be always open to you.
Freshman English (B) 蔡易珊 Angel

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