Dec 29, 2008


Jennifer Lin
Have you ever dreamed of landing on the moon some day? Well, if you were a nobleman, this dream may be easy to come true. But to most people, the cost of the trip keeps it a dream to get onto the moon.
Despite the fact that we aren't rich enough, there is still a cheap and simple way to experience this kind of exploration. That is---Moon World.
This place may not be popular in Taiwan, so few people know about this place, needless to say the travelers who come from abroad. And now, let me strongly recommend this natural view to you!
Moon World, located in Kaohsiung County, is consisted of lime soil. This means that you can see nothing but a view covered with white and gray. There are no flowers, no trees, and even no animals. From these descriptions, we can certainly figure that it is just like what we have seen from the moon. There, you can see the magnificent scenery that you might have never seen before.

You can see Moon World at three places in Kaohsiung,崇德 燕巢 草山, and I am going to talk about 崇德 Moon World in Tianliao Village. While driving on the south railway, you can see Tianliao Moon World both on right and left. There is also a Moon World park after going down Tianliao ramp. It is a beautiful park with Chinese architecture, and it is good for people to relax and enjoy ourselves there.

And if you are tired of sightseeing or you have already been there before, let me tell you another way to have fun there. I can surely bet that most of you do not know this kind of fun traveling in Moon World. That is...


Climbing Moon World is fun and exciting. It is more interesting for children and teenagers to go climbing rather than seeing nothing but bald mountains. You will have lots of fun in this special experience!

If you are hungry, earth chicken(土雞) is its specialty. Also, if you like honey, you must try 龍眼花 honey in Gonshan. And if you have time, try Guanmiao noodles and pineapple fromTainan, which is closed to Tianliao.

I know this place because it is my father's hometown. We go there about twice every year, just to go through this place and listen to my dad telling stories from his childhood. He told us that he always climbed at the crest line at the height of about five floors and had never been scared of doing this. You might not believe it, but if you saw a man nearly 50 years old using only 5 seconds climbing up to the place about 3 floor height, you would certainly trust his words. My parents also plan to stay there and build a tree house after they retire.

For me, this is a way that I can know more about my lovely dad. Also, this is a place where I can have challenge and excitement from climbing to the top, and I will feel a sense of achievement every time when accomplishing this hard work.

Now, try to get rid of your tiresome work, and go to Moon World to have a different kind of experience in your colorful life!

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