Dec 28, 2008


*(classB 社教101 Tina蕭)

Have you ever been to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan? It`s the most prosperous city in this island. Generally speaking, a developed city is much less friendly than countries, but there is an objection here, and it`s also a place I would like to recommend: the café “KUROSHIO”.

Location - No. 9-1, Lane 141, Sec. 1, Heping E Rd, Taipei

“KUROSHIO” means a warm current in the Pacific Ocean, and it is also a warm place in a rapid-tempo city. Why do I say that? Let me introduce it more clearly.

● Comfortable atmosphere makes the best!

It`s a nice place which has comfortable atmosphere for everyone to sit down and have a cup of coffee. For instance, salary men come here to use their notebook; students come here to study in a calm and peaceful environment; friends come here to talk with each other about how their lives were in a low voice. In addition, if you observe more, you will find that the decorations inside are warm and cute, too. Paintings, toys, or teacups are placed there as exhibition. They not only make every corner of the store amiable but also make customers feel relaxed.

The seat area is divided into two blocks. One is indoor and the other is out. The latter is an open-air garden which is paved with floor-boards. There is only a glass wall between these two areas. Furthermore, the fact that all the chairs are made of wood except one red couch causes the genial feeling. What`s more, it has enough room between one table and the next. You would have more space of your own for pondering or studying. That is also a point for people to come.Likewise, almost everyone who has been there before would visit this shop again and become a frequent guest. As a result, the store is always filled with a harmonious atmosphere since people get familiar with one another gradually.

● Amiable attitude toward everyone, even the cats!

Secondly, the people in KUROSHIO are very kind and hospitable. Stepping inside is just like returning back to a place that you had been before. Many of their customers are the manager`s friends, and some of them are even managers of other coffee shops. They would exchange information and always like to make friends with people from everywhere.
By the way, my elder sister was a part-time waitress there when she was in college, and she loves KUROSHIO so much that even now she visits there as often as possible while she has some time. ” The warm air in KUROSHIO makes me go there again and again.” She said. Moreover, there is a unique feature of that store: they feed stray cats passing by and make friends with them. They consider that cats are nimble animals especially, so they do not feed other passing animals like stray dogs or any other creature. “Is has something to do with the temperament in KUROSHIO, I think.” said my sister.

● Warm and tasty paradise!

Last but not least, exquisite dessert and coffee are also the big temptation for customers. The coffee beans are imported from Italy, and each cup of coffee is made with sincerity. Besides, there are many kinds of cocktail beverages as well, so it can also satisfy people who love beer or wine drinks. In addition, there are still other food choices such as ice cream, cake, and finger food. In terms of all the points, how could it not be called paradise if a café owns all these merits mentioned above?

As for me, I`ve been to KUROSHIO many times, for my sister works there; and I do like the warm atmosphere there as well. The store contains both art and coffee culture and that`s something I am fond of. Moreover, it is also located near a college (National Taiwan Normal University), so the simple studying atmosphere upgrades a lot. All in all, it`s a place which supplies people not only seats but also comfortable environment, and also undoubtedly a place which worth visiting.

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