Dec 31, 2008


If my American friend comes to Taiwan on vacation, I would strongly recommend him to spend one day strolling around Dansui, the waterfront town.
Located on the northern bank of the Danshui River, the old port town of Danshui is very popular with foreigners for its history and historical sites, and the harbor view at night.
Most of the activities in Danshui take place along the old wharf riverside. On weekends and at nights, there are many street musicians and entertainers playing light music and dancing to offer a carnival atmosphere.

Walk westward from the MRT station along the waterfront, and you will see a small lane, named Gong-ming lane, which is a typical Taiwanese night-market street, and there you can enjoy grilled seafood, hot fishball soup, fried stinky to-fu, and iron eggs.

Every time my friends and I go to Danshui, we would stay in several different little shops to taste some of these snacks. Of course, if you have much energy, you can go up to Fort San Domingo to admire sunset or learn about a brief history about English colonial period in Danshui.
Around dinner time, I know a restaurant called “Waterfront”, which I think is the best spot to view the sunset, and the great river spectacle. This fancy restaurant offers great dishes of Mediterranean style.

When you sit in the cozy sofa in the restaurant, you can feel the sea breeze blows across the riverside, and sunset descends in front of you, and the water flows along the wide river mouth.
The atmosphere there is as romantic and exotic as you might imagine. If you guys are lucky enough, you can also enjoy some excellent live band shows.
For example, one day last summer vacation, when I went there with some friends, we saw two singers playing the keyboard and the guitar and singing many soft, romantic love songs, which are just my most favorite songs. It was really an unforgettable night. The restaurant can be easily reached, just walk west along the waterfront for about 15 minutes, and you will see a huge old tree and a dolphin signpost, next to them is the Waterfornt restaurant.
The address is no.229-9,Zhong Zheng Road, right next to the Dansui police office.

After the delicious dinner, the Danshui’s giant ice-cream cone is a dessert you must taste; you can take the ice-cream cone with you and stroll around. They come in several flavors, ranging from sweet chocolate, vanilla, green tea to sour lemon.

In the night, the last important thing you can do to finish one day’s trip is to set off a few fireworks to light up the night sky.

Are you eager to follow my advice to pay a visit to this old waterfront town? Don’t hesitate! Just take MRT Dausui line, the cheapest transportation fare.
Have a great day there! Bon voyage!
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