Dec 29, 2008

Dong Shi Farm

Modern people in these days are trapped in much stuff. Just like works, jobs, families and relationships. Sometimes all these things make people crazy. Do you ever
think about taking a long vacation far from the big city? Do you ever want to take a deep breath that without any air pollution? Just come to the Dong-shi farm which locates in Taichung and you will get some new experiences that you never had before. I had been going to Dong-shi Farm couple of times in my childhood. Every time I went, I got a lot of feelings. The most is that: what an amazing world! In every season you will find different scenes even you stand in the same places.
Dong-shi farm has a nickname---Yangminshan National Park in Taichung. The reason is that dong-shi is situated at medium low elevations. And there are four seasons all the year round in dong-shi farm. In spring, there are all kinds of plants blossoming, including cherry, peach, azalea, etc. You can take a long walk under the trees and enjoy the atmosphere like in the drama. If you go with your lover, you will never forget the romantic feelings.
In the summer, there are more surprising things. There is snow! However, it is not real snow. It is a kind of plants called tung oil. In the summer, it begins to bloom. Walk under the tung oil trees and look up in the sky, and you will find a field of bright. Suddenly, you will be stunned by the withered flower. Because of the tung oil’s short life, white flowers wither soon. At that moment, it just looks like snowing. After a beautiful snowing day, let’s look at the amazing night. There are fireflies! It is hard to see the fireflies nowadays. Fireflies prefer to live nearby clean water and clean air. Dong-shi farm provides an excellent environment. In April and May, there appear a lot of fireflies. Just go there with a flashlight and keep silent, and you will make an unbelievable memory. The fireflies flying around you and sometimes they will fly to your palm if you open your hand gently. It makes you feel you are a part of nature. You will forget the annoyed job or work.
Do you admire the falling of the maple leaves? You do not have to go Canada or somewhere abroad. In Fall, Dong-shi farm turns into a place which to enjoy the sight of falling maple leaves. The red colors hanging on the trees or falling down the trees is the scene you cannot miss. Walking into the maple forest like walking into a painting. Imagine yourself to be in a painting is a great choice.
How about the cold winter? All kinds of trees are continually withering. There are no leaves up on the trees. But it has another beauty with naked trunks and branches. Or you can just let your feet sunk in the hot springs. Dong-shi farm provides the hot springs to the feet. Make your cold feet get warm and take a rest for the next journey in Dong-shi farm.
Many parents take their children go to the farm. The reason is that Dong-shi farm has a lot of places to teach the children about nature. There are the areas of plants’ specimens, the exhibition hall of insects and fireflies, and the Jurassic park. Children in here can learn many different kinds of knowledge by playing. There also have barbecue area and camping area. You can come over on the weekends, stay overnight, and enjoy with your friends and family. It may be a good place to kill the time. Are you interested? Don’t just sit around. Get out your couch and get Dong-shi farm right now. You will regret if you keep sitting in your house.Dong-shi won’t disappoint you.
By Jean 胡彥君 大一英文B From Civic Education and Leadership

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