Dec 30, 2008

Wen-Hsin Forest Park

Wen-Hsin(文心) Forest Park
Class A 國101甲 497201285 許淳茹 Rebecca Have you been tired of the restless atmosphere and the rapid pace in modern cities? If the answer is yes, I will recommend you visit Wen-Hsin Forest Park which is located in Nantun(南屯) District, in southwest of Taichung City. At this point of time, I will spare no efforts to introduce this new scenic spot to you. In this way, you may draw the park from my description.
Wen-Hsin Forest Park, covering an area of 8.86 hectares, was built in 2006. As soon as the construction was finished, it began to provide an oasis for people to refresh themselves. I’m not overstating. While journeying in nature becomes an extravagant wish for urban residents, this park provides us a paradise to purify our soul. It is an indisputable fact that this park can be viewed as the biggest green fields of Taichung City, and regarded as an urban forest as well as a green bank. In addition, the great diversity of plants in this park can never be neglected. Every time I visited there, the beauties of nature always carried me away. All the gain and loss in life, laughter and tears, were forgotten for the enchanting scene.
Around the edge of the park is a path where you can take a stroll and let your thoughts roam freely in the same time. If you want to ride a bicycle, there are winding trails that can lead you to curve through the green fairyland. Then, you may hear a piece of beautiful music, and be attracted to the Fulfillment Amphitheatre, which lies in the center of the park. Free concerts will be held in the amphitheatre from time to time, and the melodies can always touch the string in your deep heart. While wondering in Wen-Hsin Forest Park, I felt no longer pinned down at my desk or burdened with endless routine toil. It is the very valuable pleasure I’ve got from the jaunt to this park.
If you want to experience something thrilling, take the skating rink into consideration. There are many skillful skaters practicing stunts every now and then. You can learn some special skills from them. Or, for those who are unable to skate, just admire and marvel at what they have done in the auditorium. You may find it the same exciting to bang the drum for players. As for me, I’m fond of the hectic ambiance and the content of shouting myself hoarse. I take it as a decent outlet for the overflowing stress and brimming emotions in my mind.
Taichung has boasted a cultural city in Taiwan. As a result, there is a rich variety of institutions and constructions which are soil for culture. And Wen-Hsin Forest Park is the most prospective one. The local government plans to make this forest park the most grand outdoor music performance place in Taiwan. The capacity of the Fulfillment Amphitheatre will reach to 3000 people, which is far beyond the capacity of Da-an(大安) Forest Park’s 1000 people. As a result, Wen-Hsin Forest Park will become the promising landmark of Taichung, for it’s cultural temperament and atmosphere.
What are you waiting for? Come and take a visit to Wen-Hsin Forest Park in Taichung City!

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