Dec 26, 2008

Eslite Bookstore

國文系101 497204031 陳幼雯

The Eslite Bookstore I'd like to introduce is located in Xin-yi District (信義區) . It is a fifth-story bookstore , whose function is similar to a department store. The whole building is clean and spacious, which relaxes our mind. As result of features mentioned above, I do love to go there in my leisure time, and I will introduce four sections I like the most in Eslite Bookstore.

The first part is on the third floor. This area is divided in to a few different parts, each of which sells books of different topics including history, philosophy, graphics and English literature. We can read books from China as well. There are also many seats so customers could read the book they choose with comfort. Besides, the convenient devices there make it easier for us to look for the books we need. In short, it's quite enjoyable to stay at the third floor and the whole afternoon reading books.

The second area is on the forth floor, which sells exquisite stationery. What is exquisite stationery? They are subjects that are common but creative and high-level. For example, the wrapping papers there have beautiful pattern, inclusive of ancient map, graceful flowers, music score. They are so unique that I do want to use them to decorate my room instead of giving them to others as gifts. Cards are also special. Scenery, designed pattern, plants, painter’s works are on those cards, which people can’t find in other stores. Things there are almost concise style; that is, the note books, folders, envelopes there look simple but beautiful.
The third area is also on the forth floor. English books are popular and it's easy to buy while Japanese ones are hardly found in bookstores in Taiwan. However, on the third floor, you can buy various Japanese books. There are books about literature, structure, drawings, comic books and so on. I was surprised when I first saw them in Eslite Bookstore. I've learned Japanese and I'm also interested in its culture as well as literature, so despite the fact that I can't totally understand the language, getting to know all these things from Japan has always been a good experience for me.

The forth area is in B2. B2 is the food court, just like the department stores'. Normal bookstores forbid eating and drinking, but Eslite Bookstore provides food court and books in different floors; therefore, whenever we are hungry, we can go to B2. This court includes various kinds of food, and we can choose to eat ramen (拉麵) , traditional snack, spaghetti, oyster omelet (蚵仔煎) , fried rice noodles (炒米粉) etc. In other words, anyone who desires to find something delicious will be easily satisfied here.

Plan a whole day trip to Eslite Bookstore, and you will be surprised to find how much you will get in such a multifunctional bookstore. Read, enjoy foods, explore for the variety of the exquisite stationery, and you will find pleasure on different floors. Are you tired of shopping or strolling around the street? Why not go into this special place-- Eslite Bookstore?

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