Dec 28, 2008


心輔101 紀叔妤 Sunny ClassB
The movie “Secret” has been rolling up like a mat last year. The famous singer-Jay Chou acted, directed, composed, and sang in this movie. Moreover, “Secret” has also won The 44th Golden Horse Award. Jay Chou has moved some stage properties into this restaurant after the film was finished, including the award. Therefore, this restaurant then became a famous sightseeing spot that Jay’s fans must go.

The restaurant is located in a college, which provides both Italian and French food. When you enter the restaurant, you can feel the high-class but relaxing atmosphere. You will be surprised by the fact that they use a sofa instead of a chair. It’s very comfortable to sit on the soft sofa and enjoy the meal. It’s even more comfortable than being at home, I think. You can also feel the sunshine since half of the restaurant is covered by huge French windows. The songs that are played while you dine in the restaurant are all background music from the movie. It’s really a nice place for everyone to go.

The food in this restaurant is wonderful; you’ll have a variety of choices of dish, such as pasta, pizza, cake…etc. I still remember that I’ve ordered a pizza with seafood flavor the first time I went there. The pizza was so “HUGE” that it made me stunned as the waiter delivered it to me. To be honest, it’s a very special and delicious dish after tasting it, but in the end, I still need to ask my friend to finish the pizza with me. On the other hand, the restaurant has got a “secret meal”, though I haven’t tried that yet. Probably you can try it next time you go!

The most attractive thing of this restaurant are the goods about the movie. Remember the piano that brings both main characters back to 20 years ago from the movie? The restaurant has put that piano in a showy spot for customers to take a look. I think it is interesting that the restaurant has written a note on it that says, “Don’t touch, or you will be send back to 20 years ago!” This can prevent the piano from being harmed by the customers. It matches up to the story as well. There is a book shelf on the corner that collects every Jay Chou’s books and CDs. You can read them for free after your meal. This restaurant is really a pleasant place for chatting with your old friends or just reading everything about Jay Chou and the movie. The restaurant has also offered the uniform of the characters wore in the movie so that the customers can take a picture for memory. So wonderful a place it is that I really suggest everyone to go. And trust me, you’ll be in love with it immediately!

Since I have introduced so many details about the restaurant, you may want to go and try the food by yourself. As I mentioned, the restaurant is located in the Taipei Medical University. You can get there by bus or the MRT. It’s not so hard to find the way to get there. Because most of the customers are students, the price is not very high. You can have a high-class lunch without paying a lot, so I think it’s really a good place to spend all afternoon. Of course, it would be better if you can watch the movie before you go to the restaurant, so that you can feel more about the things that the director wants to show us. In the end, though I’m not a big fan of Jay Chou, I still think he is very talented. The movie “Secret” is one of the best Mandarin movies I have ever seen in these years. The realization of the movie scenes and the delicious foods make every visit to the restaurant worthwhile. I wish you can enjoy in it as I do!
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