Dec 31, 2008

Su-ao cold spring --offers escape from the everyday

Su-ao cold spring --offers escape from the everyday
Do you feel exhausted after dealing with your jobs? Are you longing for a place which offers escape from the daily routine? Su-ao cold spring is a great choice! Su-ao is a tranquil place located in Yilan which is renowned of the cold spring. Cold spring, also called cold spa, has magic power that enables our whole body to warm up in spite of soaking in cold water. The purity of the water and moderate content of mineral substance, such as Sodium bicarbonate, calcium,iron and so on, are the spring’s feature. So it’s beneficial to human body to take a shower .Soaking in cold spring can also make us feel refreshed and full of vigor without any side-effect.
Cold spring has many therapeutic effects for diseases such as gastric disease, chronic pneumonia, gout, diabetes, and skin disease. etc.
People living in Su-ao are very friendly .The atmosphere there is peaceful, and the scenery there is splendid. If you come, you’ll definitely find the pure energy of Taiwan.

Going to cold spring in summer is just like soaking in hot spring in winter. The pleasant feeling is hard to express. You may feel very cold while entering the water, so you’d better try the temperature with hands and pat some water on your skin first. After that, you soak in slowly. Wait for the body to adapt to the temperature, then your body will generate heat gradually. The cold spring will permeate the internal organs and achieve therapeutic effects .Then you can heartily enjoy the relaxing bath.

Before you enter the park, you’ll see a big stone in front of the entry, which is inscribed with” th e best cold spring of the world”.

If you go to the single pool, you will see an oaken house built in Japanese style.

The wooden cottages are clean and spacious with good lighting, which makes you feel ease just like being at home. The interior design of the building will amaze you with its beauty. Each room has one cold spring pool and an oaken tub which contains the hot spring .The colors of the room make you feel warm and relaxed. You can enjoy in your own room leisurely.

If you turn to the public pool, you will be surprised to see the surrounding of the pool is designed in classic western style .There are many shower nozzles which can massage your body with cold water. The water in the pool is crystal-clear and cool, and you can see the stone at the bottom and the bubbles continually floating up .The pool is often crowded with adults and kids who are eager for the blue sky and natural water. The pool is usually filled with laughter. The atmosphere there is peaceful and the air is fresh. If you go there, you’ll find that you’re pretty close to nature!

After taking a relaxing cold spa, you can’t miss the “Namunei”(from English "lemonade", a kind of soft drink, and a pearl is designed to be in the inner bottle) This is the specialty of Su-ao.

In view of lovely scenery, refreshing cold spa , friendly locals, and special goodies, taking a trip to Su-ao ought to be a wonderful experience that will never be forgotten! You should come and enjoy the pleasure at least once in your life!

Here are some information about Su-ao cold spring:

Address:No.6-4,Cold spring road , Su-ao town, Yilan country, Taiwan(R.O.C.)
Operating time:8:00-22:00
Su-ao cold spring park Tel:(03)996-0645
Charge synopsis :
Adult: NT70--(general tourists)
Discount: NT40--(residents of Su-ao town, seniors above age 65 and the physically changed. )
Group:NT56--(Groups of 30 or more)
Family bathing pool :NT100 for each room,(Time limit: 40 minutes)
Traffic system:
1.Railway: take the train on the North Link Line to arrive at Su-ao Station then take a short walk.
2.Passenger transport : take a bus of Taiwan motor transport company, and get off at Su-ao station.
3.Drive by yourself: Su-ao cold spring is located beside Provincial Highway No.1. Chung-Shan Freeway Su-ao Town. There are 2 ways leading to Su-ao that drivers can choose.
1. Go Provincial Highway No.2, and then arrive at Su-ao Town after passing Su-ao Harbor.
2. Go The Taipei-Yilan Freeway ,and then arrive at Su-ao Town after passing Yilan, Luodong.

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