Dec 30, 2008

Jin Sin Fa

Located in Taipei Shi Da road night market, Jin Sin Fa is a grocery store that everyone shouldn’t miss it. Founded in 1992 A.D., the Jin Sin Fa is the landmark of the National Taiwan Normal University. That is, no one could declare himself as NTNU student without knowing this store.

To talk more precisely about the location, the Jin Sin Fa is situated in 39 lane, Shi Da road, which is full of stands and vendors. In front of the Jin Sin Fa stands the Shi Da dormitory, across Shi Da road is Shi Da park, the left side are Watsons and Kodak on the upstairs, and the right sits the Eatung House and the Ah Zin noodles.

What makes the Jin Sin Fa so special is that it has three departments and each of them owns a shop front respectively. They are stationery department, daily utensils department, and imported foodstuffs and makeover department. Each department owns abundant and various things, such as helmets, socks, earphones, instant noodles, food cans, chocolate, dog feeds, Kinder, koala cookies, etc. The stationery department sells school stationery, administrative utensils, presents, super-low-priced merchandise , and expendable computer materials. The daily utensils department sells bedding, kitchenware, household electrical appliances, and tools
series. The Jin Sin Fa is the symbol of shopping culture, and there comes a well-known saying, “Where there is Jin Sin Fa, there is shopper”.

Besides, people won’t be weary of visiting Jin Sin Fa again and again for there are many surprises for people to find out. The more often you visit the Jin Sin Fa, the more unpredictable things you will find. Take myself for instance. Last week, I visited the Jin Sin Fa, and I was astonished by the merchandise I’d never found out. Can you imagine a general store selling electric pots? Moreover, Jin Sin Fa is a store that you can return home fully supplied by cheaper cost.

To sum up, Jin Sin Fa is really a nice place worth visiting, and it also serves as a supply depot that benefits the people who live nearby, Shi Da people especially. As you have a will, I sincerely recommend you visit the Jin Sin Fa to explore the the various goods in it.

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