Dec 30, 2008

Xin Yi Commerce District

Xin Yi Commerce District

I would like to share my private spots with you which actually are also some famous landmarks for tourism in Taipei. Xin Yi Commerce District approximately includes Taipei101, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store, Vieshow cinemas, New York New York shopping mall, Neo19, and many fancy restaurants.

For convenience, you can just take the blue line of Taipei MRT to Taipei City Hall station. Walk out the MRT station and you'll find yourself surrounded by lots of tall buildings. This is what Xin Yi Commerce District brings to us --- feeling of “a city”.

No doubt, the district is a shopping paradise for those the rich. But what I think it features is the night view itself. Maybe you'll say that the night of such a bustling and flourishing area is not special at all; it's just be filled with colorful lights and ornaments. But in my point of view, Xin Yi Commerce District has more than its neon. For example, you can see the “Mobile Art” at the pavement of Vieshow cinemas which indicates something very interesting among modern people and this is in fact a good performance for everyone to appreciate and to think about.

The overhead bridge is a creative design, too. It definitely creates a good space for costumers to avoid being exposed to the sun and rain. It not only provides convenience to customers between these shopping malls, but represents the vitality of this city. The people bustling with activities reflect the splendid light on the bridge, and that's so attractive. Sometimes you can slow down your step and stand still right on the bridge and gaze at the view as far as you can. I think that's the most special way to feel something different within Xin Yi Commerce District. Although the surrounding is kind of noisy, at the moment you can just watch the cars, people, lights and so on.

To pursue the view from a higher position, you can also buy a ticket, go up to the eighty-ninth floor of Taipei 101, and have a bird's eye view of the whole Taipei!

Xin Yi Commerce District is also famous for its fancy restaurants, but actually I rarely eat at them. My impressive experience was to eat at “AZABUSABO TOKYO”, which we call” ma bu cha fang”(麻布茶房) in Chinese. I like the hot sweet potatoes with vanilla ice cream and “Matcha sauce” (抹茶醬) The texture of this dessert has many layers and it costs one hundred and forty five NT. The restaurant is on the second floor of Neo19.

Put shopping and eating aside, I consider Xin Yi Commerce District as an area to let yourself enjoy being in a city. Many people regard a big city, especially the capital, as a cold and detached castle. In their point of view, Taipei seems to be very ugly where everyone is always pursuing fame and wealth but never pay attention to people’s emotions. But seeing the beautiful city with a different angle, you will find that Taipei is full of passion, too. Take Xin Yi Commerce District for example, it releases both commercial and cultural energy of Taipei. You can say that all the styles of these buildings and the lights of these spaces are several kinds of city art. They indicate the local people here are abundant with thriving life and are always willing to accept new things. I can't deny that people in this area must go for fame and wealth, but I will consider it as a part of their culture and it has nothing to do with good or bad.

That's why I choose Xin Yi Commerce District as my private spot to share. I think this is a place that serves different feelings that vary from person to person. To gain your own perspective, you should discard prejudice and experience it on your own. Something very interesting is that although this is a fancy area, you don't have to be rich to experience it. The atmosphere is priceless, and so is your sincere smile.

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