Dec 31, 2008

Kaohsiung Cultural Center

Kaohsiung Cultural Center
Although Kaohsiung Cultural Center is not as spectacular as Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, it is small and delicate. It has no wall around it; as a result, when you walk around it, even just pass by, you can easily see the beautiful scenery in it.

The Art Avenue, which is located outside of Kaohsiung Cultural Center, combines beautiful landscape and elegant public arts, creating a spectacular and qualified metropolitan living area with culture. Every Saturday evening from 4:00p.m~9:30p.m, there is a Kaohsiung Art Fair, many venders will gather and sell some delicate hand-made stuffs or other artistic productions.

The four sides of the Kaohsiung Cultural Center are lined with the Golden Shower Trees, which has tiny yellow flowers. Whenever the blossom season comes, the Cultural Center looks like it`s wearing a golden necklace made by the tiny flowers. There is a vast grass in front of the main building. You can play baseball, fly kites, picnic, dance, and enjoy the energetic atmosphere.

Usually, there are some outdoor concerts in the round square next to the grass at night, if you are tired from all-day work, you can come and let the great music fresh your mind.

Chih Teh Hall and Chih Shan Hall, which are in the inner part of the building, hold assemblies and large-scale artistic performances. The other building, Chih Mei Hall, hosts for painting display.
If you want to read some magazines, find a place to relax and get away from the over-hot sun at the same time? You can go to the library! It has a great collection of books, magazines, and essays as well. The fourth floor will sometimes have some special exhibitions, such as the exhibition of instruments or the history of rock music. There also has a small room providing a lot of CDs and DVDs for you to watch movies and dramas or listen to music. What’s more, they are all for free!!
Not far away from the Cultural Center is the famous Liou-he night market. You must go there and try some tasty Taiwanese snacks, such as stinky to-fu, Oyster omelet, Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs, Braised Beef with Rice, etc.
Eventually, have fun!!
How to go :
Take bus no.52,72,248 from Kaohsiung train station.
Take the MRT to the Cultural Center station.

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